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                1.  BRIEN  b. Germany  d. Germany
                     +  Unknown  b. Germany  d. Germany
                          2.  Karl BRIEN  b. 27 Apr 1879  Germany  d. unknown
                               +  GRETA (unknown)   (unknown dates)
                                   3. Carl BRIEN  b. 25 Oct 1907 Il.  d. 19 July 1973
                                        Clearwater, Florida
                                    +  Mildred OWENS  b. 23 Aug 1909 Wisconsin
                                         4.  Donald Carl BRIEN  b. 14 May 1928
                                                  Evanston, Il.  d. 24 Feb 2000 Suring, WI
                                              +  June Pauline VISTINE  b. private Chicago
                                                       m. 14 Sept 1948  Chicago, Il.
                                                    5.  Todd Donald BRIEN  b. private
                                                         +  Carol BOWLING  b. private
                                                             6.  Candice Cayne BRIEN  
                                                                      b. private
                                                                   +  Thomas SPIEWAK
                                                                           b. private
                                                                        7.  Heather Nicole
                                                                             SPIEWAK  b. private
                                                                        7.  Breanna Marie
                                                                             SPIEWAK  b. private
                                                                    +  Kent SHUEY  b. 15 Sept
                                                                               1971 Evanston, Il. 
                                                                                d. 21 Jan 2000 
                                                                                Evanston, Il.
                                                              6.  Paige Marie BRIEN  b. private
                                                                  + Jeffery NACHREINER  
                                                                         b. private
                                                            + Susan Jeanne LILLIG  b. when
                                                                    they landed on the moon but
                                                                    a few years earlier.
                                                        5.  Holly BRIEN  b. private
                                                             + Kim SHERMAN  b. private
                                                                 6.  Jason SHERMAN  b. private
                                                                 6.  Corey SHERMAN b. private
                                                                 6.  Kami SHERMAN  b. private
                                                         5.  Dawn BRIEN b. private
                                                              +  John WOODKE  b. private
                                                              +  Mike WAGNER  b. private
                                                                  6.  Jill WAGNER b. private
                                                                  6.  John WAGNER b. private
                                            4.  Richard BRIEN b. private
                                                 + Myra (Unknown)  b. private
                                            4.  Dolores BRIEN  b. private
                                        +  Christina (Unknown)
                            2.  August BRIEN (unknown dates)  d. in an apartment
                                    on Clark St., Chicago, Il
                            2.  Ernst BRIEN  (unknown dates)
                                 +  Johanna KORPUNE  (unknown dates)
                                     3.  Elli BRIEN  (unknown dates)
                                     3.  Christal BRIEN  (unknown dates)
                                     3.  Edwin BRIEN  b. private
                                          +  Betty (Unknown)  b. private
                                     3.  William BRIEN  (unknown dates)





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