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of the Riston/Wriston/Wristen families


1790 MARYLAND:           

            BASIL    Prince Georges Co, Unknown Township,    ROLL M637-3. Listed as: one male 16 or older, 
							one female 16 or older, 1 male    under 16.  Pages 312-313.
               BENJAMIN Anne Arundel Co., Unknown Township, ROLL M637-3. Listed as:  2 males 16 or older, 
                            1 female, 1 slave.  Pages 441-442.
             ELISHA Prince Georges Co., Unknown Township, ROLL M637-3.  Listed as:  1 male 16 or older, 
                            3 males under 16. Pages 312-313.
              HENRY Anne Arundel Co., Unknown Township, ROLL M637-3. Listed as:  1 male 16 years or older. Pages 391-392.
              RACHEL Prince Georges Co., Unknown Township, ROLL M637-3. Listed as:  3 free white females, 1 male under 16.
              ZADOCK Prince Georges Co., Unknown Township, ROLL M637-3.  Listed as: 2 males 16 or older, 2 females 16 or older, 
                             3 males under 16. Pages 312-313.

              NORTH CAROLINA:   
               RICHARD Chatham Co., pg. 84 and 202-203
                                   Roll M637-7. 3 males 16 or older

                                Elijah RISTON 1870      Scott Co.,
                                       pg. 644, Sugar Creek Twp.
                               Albert C. RISTON  1870 Stanislaus
                                 Co., pg. 73, San Joaquin Twp. 
                               John S. WRISTON 1850 Sacramento
                                  Co., pg. 230, Sacramento Twp.
                               E.R. RISTON  1860 Sacramento Co.
                                  pg. 372, Dry Creek Twp.
                               Ransom RISTON  1860 Sacramento
                                  Co., pg. 372, Dry Creek Twp.
                               S.E. RISTON  1860 Sacramento
                                  Co., pg. 372, Dry Creek Twp.


                    1850 Maner RISTON Litchfield Co.
                                     pg. 366 Woodbury
                          1860 Hubbard RISTON Tolland Co.,
                                     pg. 462 Hebron
        D. C.                             
                                   1830   Dennis RISTON Alexandria Co., pg.                                        pg. 225   Alexandria Twp.
                                   1840   John H. RISTON Alexandria
                                       City Alexandria Co. pg.244
                                       my great great grandfather.
                                       Also in the Alexandria City
                                       1843 census for Alexandria
                                1840 John RISTON Washington Co
                                       Alexandria City pg. 215. He
                                       is also listed in the 1843
                                       census for the same area.
                                       Rebecca RISTON Washington
                                          Co., Alexandria City pg.
                                          215. She is also in the
                                          1843 census for the same
                                  1850 Thomas RISTON Washington
                                          Co., pg. 188, Washington
                                          3rd Ward       
                 COOK COUNTY:
                                1870  Frederica RISTON pg. 11
                                               16th Ward Chicago
                                              Henry RISTON pg. 680, 15th
                                                  Ward Chicago
                                    1880  John RISTON pg. 75, ED
                                               133 12th Ward Chicago
                                             Wilhelm RISTON pg. 341 ED
                                               168, 15-16th Ward Chicago
                     GREENE COUNTY:
                                 1850 Samuel E. WRISTON pg. 39
                                                 Macoupin and Apple Creek
                                             William J. WRISTON pg. 39
                                                 Macoupin and Apple Creek    
                    HANCOCK COUNTY:                 
                          1860      John WRISTON pg. 439 Harmony
                                      Milton W. WRISTON pg. 456
                                        Harmony Twp.
                                      Thomas WRISTON pg. 456
                                        Harmony Twp. 
                     LOGAN COUNTY:
                                 1860 Madison WRISTON pg.114
                                          Lincoln Precinct
                      MADISON COUNTY:
                           1840      John WRISTON pg. 90 Ridge Prairie
                                        Joseph RISTON pg. 334 Moulton-
                                            ville P.O.
                                        Styed [sic] WRISTON pg. 90
                                             Ridge Prairie
                           1850       Tillman WRISTON pg. 451 3N9W 
                      MACOUPIN COUNTY:
                       1840 Thomas WRISTEN pg. 65 no twp.
                          1850  Martha WRISTEN pg. 234 no twp.
                                  Thomas WRISTEN pg. 234 no twp.
                                  William WRISTEN pg. 235 no twp.
                       1860  William D. RISTON pg. 303 Nilwood
                    MCLEAN COUNTY:
                          1850 Powell RISTON pg. 108 Buckle
                    WHITESIDE COUNTY:
                           1860 Charles RISTON pg. 864 Lyndon

                   DEKALB COUNTY:
                            1840  Peter S. RISTON pg. 248 (no twp) 
                      HUNTINGTON COUNTY:
                             1860 Sarah RISTON  pg. 14 Huntington

                CHRISTIAN COUNTY:
                          1820 John RISTON pg. 30 (no twp.)
                                 N.G. RISTON pg. 30 (no twp.)
                           1830  John WRISTON pg. 11 (no twp)
                                   Sarah Ann WRISTON
                                        pg. 14 (no twp.)                  
                          1850 Nancy WRISTON pg. 413 District
                                  Sarah A. WRISTEN pg. 403
                                    District #2  
                     FRANKLIN COUNTY:
                       1870 Robert RISTON pg. 159 Frankfort 
                     HENDERSON COUNTY:
                          1850 Reuben RISTON pg. 358 Dist.2
                       HOPKINS COUNTY:
                           1840 Elijah RISTON pg. 366 (no twp.)
                      JEFFERSON COUNTY:
                      1850 William RISTON pg. 217 Louisville
                                 District #2
                        1870 Miles RISTON pg. 128, 8th Ward
                      KENTON COUNTY:
                         1870 Angeline RISTON pg. 292
                                         Cokes Pct.
                                 Florence RISTON pg. 291
                                         Cokes Pct.
                       MUHLENBERG COUNTY:
                          1850 Elijah WRISTON pg. 191 Dist. #1
                                   John RISTON pg. 211 District #1
                       UNION COUNTY:
                            1860 B.M. WRISTON pg. 559 Caseyville
                       WARREN COUNTY:
                       1910  Carrine RISTON age 19 b. KY
                                   Niece of Geo MOULDER age 40
                                      b. TN.  Also listed with her are
                                           Wife Eva age 43 b. KY, son Jacob
                                           age 7 b. KY, son Max age 5
                                           b. KY, and Aunt Melinda LAMB
                                           age 82 b. KY    
                         Jean RISTON pg. 712 Orleans Parish
                               New Orleans 5th Ward 
                         Michael RISTON pg.382 Orleans
                               Parish, New Orleans 2nd Ward
                      BALTIMORE COUNTY:
                        1810 John T. RISTON pg. 659 Middle R.
                                      Lower Hundred 
                         1850 Basil RISTON pg. 290 7th Ward
                                 John T. RISTON pg. 80 10th Ward
                          1860 Edward RISTON pg. 172 17th Ward
                          1870 James S. RISTON pg. 248 19th Ward
                     FREDERICK COUNTY:
                         1850  Charles pg. 119 Frederick S1

                      HARFORD COUNTY:
                       1850 Jesse RISTON pg. 72 1st District
                           1860 Jesse RISTON pg. 454 Marshall Dist.

                      PRINCE GEORGES COUNTY:
Baptist RISTON St. John
                                        & Geo. Parish
Mary RISTON St. John &
                                        Geo. Parish
                           1778  Keziah RISTON Upper
                           1779  Elisha RISTON Upper
                                   Allen RISTON Upper
                          1786  Zadock RISTON Upper
                          1787  Basil RISTON  Upper
                           1790  Elisha RISTON Upper
                     1820 Zadoc RISTON pg. 203 (no twp.)

                        1840 Benjamin RISTON pg. 56 5th Election

1830  Barzillai RISTON York Co., pg.
                              232 York Twp.
                     1840  Barzillai RISTON York Co., pg.
                               280 Kittery



                    1860  John WRISTEN Hampden Co., pg.
                              570 Chester


1880 Henry RISTON Carver Co., pg 258 


1890 Ganderson RISTON Washington Co.
                              pg. 2 St. Oneville Pct.

1870 Louiza RISTON Montgomery Co., pg.
                                    129 Upper Loutre Twp.

NEW YORK                   

1860  Cornelius RISTON New York Co.
                              pg. 533 21st Ward New York
                              City District #5
                            John A. RISTON New York Co.,
                             pg. 726 20th Ward New York
                             City District #4
                    1870  John RISTON  Kings Co., pg.449
                             10th Ward, Brooklyn


1820  William H. Mecklenburg Co., pg. 173
1850  M. L. WRISTON  Mecklenburg Co., 
                                pg. 101 Charlotte
                            Samuel T. WRISTON  Mecklenburg Co
                                 pg. 98 Charlotte
                     1860  Charles W. WRISTON Mecklenburg
                                Co., pg. 101, Charlotte P.O. 
                             M. L. WRISTON Mecklenburg Co., 
                               pg. 267 Charlotte P.O.
                             Sam WRISTON Mecklenburg Co., pg.
                               242 Charlotte P.O.
                            Bennett Anson Co., pg 570 College
                     1870  David WRISTON Mecklenburg Co., pg
                              38 Charlotte Twp.
                            Louisa M. WRISTON Mecklenburg Co
                              pg. 103 4th Ward Charlotte


John RISTON Liberty Twp., pg.
                          1860 John RISTON Liberty Twp., pg.
                     CLERMONT CO
James RISTON Goshen Twp., pg. 314
                     WARREN CO.
                        1850 John RISTON Salem Twp., pg.

                       1910 Anna RISTON  age 39 b. OH with
                              husband Herman A. HART in
                              Enumeration District 52, Cuya-
                              hoga, Cleveland. She was a servant

                              Laurence H. RISTON age 48 b. VA
                              Enumeration District 104 in
                              Muskingum, Zanesville. Listed also
                              Florence age 47 b. MD., son
                              Samuel L. age 25 b. MD., son
                              Lawrence C. age 21 b. MD.


PHILADELPHIA CO.                    
                     1830 George RISTON Philadelphia Dock Ward
                               pg. 134
                     1840 George RISTON Philadelphia Cedar
                              Ward pg. 267
                     1850 Caroline RISTON Dock Ward pg. 447
                           George RISTON Lombard Ward pg.2
                     1860 Annie RISTON 8th Ward Philadelphia
                            pg. 324
                           William RISTON 4th Ward Philadelphia
                              ED pg. 539 

1910 Allen RISTON  age 34 b. Virginia
                            Allegheny Co., Enumeration District
                            #239.  Listed with him are wife
                             Mary age 24 b. PA, son Robert no
                             age but it states he is not related
to him. 3 non-relatives with the
                         name of HANNENBERG: Mary age
                             47 b. PA, James age 19 b. PA, 
                             Frances age 10 b. PA.

                            John S. RISTON age 42 b. PA
                            ED #25. Listed with Bell his
                            wife age 41 b. PA, son Kenneth
                            age 16 b. PA, and daughter Miram
                            age 11 b. PA.

               1870 Anthony WRISTON Milam Co., pg. 307
                          San Andres P.O.
                       Albert C. WRISTON  Fannin Co., pg. 
                            172 Bonham 1st Precinct
                       D.W. RISTON Parker Co., Woods Beat
                             #5, pg. 415
                       Vernatta [sic] WRISTON Fannin Co.,
                           pg. 180 Bonhan 1st Precinct
                    1880  A.C. RISTON Montague Co., ED
                                 #119 pg. 367
                             D.W. WRISTEN Taylor Co., 
                                  ED #188  pg. 273
                             Frank RISTON Parker Co., ED 139
                                   pg. 460
                          Manering RISTON Camp Co., ED #7
                                    pg. 42
                          Tillie RISTON Parker Co., ED 139
                                   pg. 460
                           Vernetty [sic] RISTON [sic] Fannin
                               Co., ED #24 pg. 347


                 DAVIS CO.
Benjamin WRISTON pg. 9 with wife
                            Deborah, and children Isaac, John O.,
                            Eliza/Elizabeth, Leander, William H.,
                            Melissa, SHilman [sic], and another
                      WEBER CO.
                    1850  Franklin WRISTON pg. 152 with
                                 wife Rosetta


               ALEXANDER CO.
 1850  John RISTON Alexandria Twp. pg.
(my great great
1860  John H. RISTON Alexandria Twp.
                               pg. 842
(same as above)
Sarah RISTON Alexandria Twp., pg.

                     1910  ALEXANDRIA CITY
                              Jucah RISTON age 42 b. VA pg. 5
                                 wife Ava age 41 b. VA
                                 daughter Bertie age 21 b. VA
                                 son Benjamin age 18 b. VA
                                 3. non-relatives

                      STAUNTON CITY 
Laura RISTON age 56 b. VA pg. 121
                            Husband is Newton Parrish. She is 
                             listed as "patient".   
                  FAIRFAX CO.
                   1850 Benjamin(listed as K.) no.
                               twp., pg. 121. 
                            Sarah RISTON no twp., pg 113
                      1860 James S. S.O. & A. R. Road, pg.
    q                            811
                             Samuel RISTON no twp., pg. 896
                             Samuel RISTON no twp., pg. 551
                     FAYETTE CO.
Robert RISTON 14th District pg.
                     LOGAN CO.
Isaac RISTON no twp., pg. 282
                     NORFOLK CO.                      
                         1850  Isaac RISTON  59th District, pg.
                                James RISTON Norfolk City, pg.
                                John RISTON 59th District, pg.
                               Zachariah RISTON 59th District
                                   pg. 17


                    1890  Osten [sic] WRISTON ED #32
                                  pg. 2
                      RALEIGH CO.
  Floyd WRISTON James Valley P.O.
                                pg. 952
                              Rachel WRISTON James Valley
                                   P.O., pg. 953
                              Zachariah WRISTON James Valley
                                   P.O., pg. 952
                      1870  Isaac WRISTEN Clear Fork Twp.,
                                pg. 351
                             Lucinda WRISTEN Clear Fork Twp.
                                 pg. 350

                            John WRISTON Clear Fork Twp.,
                                 pg. 351
                            Zachariah WRISTEN Clear Fork 
                                  Twp., pg. 350
                       1890  James D. WRISTON Clear Fork
                                 District pg. 2
                               Rebecca W. WRISTON Clear Fork
                                  District, pg. 2





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