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Stouri was named in honor of the three students who gave her to me as a Christmas present in 1988.  She was already 3 months old but, when I first saw her, her ears were big and floppy.  Soon, they began to take on a life of their own. One began to go sideways and up, the other just up. Her legs never seemed to catch up but she was a dear, sweet, wonderful dog. (My vet had to remind me that all dogs have their own personality!) 

She learned quickly and well. She died much too soon but she was as devoted to me as I was to her. That's what matters most. I was so very sad to lose her and in the way I did. What I know is that Stouri and Alex are playing together now as they couldn't here on earth. The ST of her name is for Stacey (where ever you may be), the OU for Courtney (a doctor some where), and RI for Lori (I know where she is!). 


Stouri about 2 years old.

She's about 6 years old (lf).      Here, on the right she is 11. 

Age 3

                        Age 11                   

 Stouri in her bed at age 1.                 Stouri with Chelsea

At age 11 and under the computer desk, her favorite place.

Indiana trying to be small. Age 5 months.

Indy age 3 and with Chelsea.

Mr. Indy to you (age 1)

Best Friends

Indy is sitting down by his friend

Chelsea resting on Indy's leg
These 2 pictures were taken 2 days apart in May 2000

The "hooded" Indy

Chelsea loves bags and Indy's hood

More bags!!!

She likes briefcases too!

Chelsea checking the neighborhood


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