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ALL MARYLAND RECORDS ARE IN THE NAME "RISTON".  From 1812-1819 the name was also Riston in the records of Christian Co., KY.  Beginning 1820, recorders spelled the name WRISTON.  It seems logical to suggest that other records then spelled the name WRISTEN at times.  

#1 (From page 1)

On 13 May 1827, Zadock RISTEN (spelled that way), had “sworn” to be the “same person” who belonged to the company commanded by Captain Benjamin Brooke in the regiment commanded by Colonel William D. Beull in the “service of the United States”. His name was placed on the Pension Roll of the State of Maryland. By then, Zadock was living in the District of Columbia. He wanted his pension paid to his residence in DC.  Zadock was a private in the regiment commanded by Colonel Gunby of the Maryland line for 21 months.  He was paid $8.00 per month beginning 18 Apr 1818.   In the year 1777, he enlisted in a company commanded by Captain Benjamin Brooks in the Town of Upper Marlboro for a term of 3 years. He was discharged but in 1781 re-enlisted under this same Captain whose company was a part of the 3rd MD regiment commanded by Col. Gunby.  He was in the battles of Brandywine, Eautau and Paoli. His pension # is 10, 216.  At the time, Zadock had 3 of his grandchildren and one daughter living with him and working on the “land he rents”. He also owed about $60.00.  I do not know who was the father of the 3 grandchildren who had “left them.  Zadock had also served with (1st) the  Thomas L. Woods regiment and then, for a short time, Wagners regiment.  Another paper states he was discharged on 17 Mar 1780 but enlisted again on 17 Aug 1781. Captain Benjamin Brooks (3rd Regiment) was detached westward in 1783 and was “marched to Bedford. In 1783 to Frederick Town in MD and finally discharged that same year.  His name is spelled Risden on another paper. His “only children, Benjamin Riston and Cassandra Ann King received his money after he died which apparently was on 26 Mar 1839.  He took the "OATH OF FIDELITY" in 1778.

In the 1776 census, the ONLY male CLIFFORD listed is JOHN CLIFFORD, age 43.  In his family is wife Monica (unknown) and 3 male children, ages 22, 15, and 12.  He had dies about 1778 and his wife was trying to collect his debts for his estate that year and in 1779.  There were also 3 females, ages 8, 12, and 14 and 2 slaves under the age of 16.  John Clifford took the Oath of Fidelity in 1778 with Elisha RISTON.  Was this a friend of his or a relative that he named his son for?

 #2 (From page 1)


  Mary C.  3. Mar 1884        Dorie M. 2 July 1883    Lillie  10 July 1883    Elizabeth A. 27    Dec     1895
  B. Franklin  5 Aug 1929                W. R. (Walter)  1 May 1892        Sarah E.  17 Oct 1924           
   Mamie A.  28 May 1947                Cora M.  15 Jan 1951       Katie  b. 9 Nov 1884  d. 25 Jan 1969
                                                                                                            interred 28 Jan
 Ola W. 26 Dec 1950        William H.  10 July 1937         William RUSHTON 11 Feb 1909

 In “unidentified section”, no grave numbers:  (all RISTONs) Benjamin F. 19 Nov 1952
                Violet L. 5 Nov 1948                William 4 Mar 1943  

#13 (From page 1)

IN THE 1841 ALEXANDRIA CENSUS THERE ARE 2 BENJAMIN RISTONS LISTED. IN THE 1850 CENSUS, THERE ARE STILL THE 2 BENJAMIN RISTONS LISTED. (The 1850 census for these two is roll #942, page 820, Fairfax Co., VA.)  The first ones here are from the 1841 census. The 1850 census is “quite curious” I must say.

                  1.  #210  Benjamin K.RISTON  age 23  a Gardner  born Maryland abt. 1827
                                 Ellen RISTON         age 21  born Virginia abt. 1829
                                 Richard B. Riston    age ?/ months  born Virginia

                2.  # unknown   Benjamin RISTON  age 51  b. abt 1784 in Maryland  a Farmer
                                            Elizabeth RISTON  age 48  b. abt 1793  in Maryland
                                            John F. RISTON  age. 21  b. abt 1820  in Maryland (listed as “Idiotic”)
                                            Bazle RISTON  age 15  b. abt 1826  in Maryland  (a laborer)
                                            George W. RISTON  age 13  b. abt 1828  in Maryland

Underneath the 2nd RISTON family is the surname JAVINS with at least 3 listed.

#4 (From page 1)                                                                   


                1.  Benjamin RISTON  (page 121?)  age 57  a farmer who can’t read or write  b. in MD abt 1793
                     +  Elizabeth                age 48  can’t read or write  b. in MD abt 1802
                         2.  John F.  age 21  “IDIOTIC” b. abt 1829 can’t read or write
                         2.  Bazle E.  age 15   a laborer   b. abt 1835 can’t read or write
                         2.  George W.  age 13   b. in MD abt 1837 went to school during last year

                2.  Benjamin K. RISTON
                     +  Elizabeth
                         2.  John F.
                         2.  Bazle E.
                         2.  George W.


“Alexandria Gazette" obituaries

                Almond Y. RISTON  d. 29 Nov 1860, age 27 (date of publication was 30 Nov 1860)

                Bazil E. RISTON d. 11 July 1852..member of the Sons of Temperance (date: 14 July 1852). He
                    was age 18 and died after a “short but painful illness”.

                Dennis W. RISTON d. 27 May 1863, age 17 years, four months, 13 days. Eldest son of  John
                       Henry RISTON and Rachel RISTON. Address, Duke Street between Alfred and Patrick
                       Streets. (date: 27 May 1863) Buried at Trinity United Methodist Church Cemetery. Beside
                       his parents names and the dates, the tombstone says, “Sleep, Dennis, dear and take your
                       rest”. (I’d love a picture of this!!)   THIS IS MY GREAT, GREAT UNCLE

                Ella RISTON died 13 Jan 1863, age three years, 3 months after a “short and painful illness”.
                        She was the daughter of John Henry RISTON and Rachel RISTON. (date: 14 Jan 1863)

                James B. RISTON died 3 Oct 1869, age 17. Son of B(enjamin) K. RISTON. Funeral at Sharon
                        Chapel “near this city”. (date: 4 Oct 1869)

                James S. RISTON died 13 Apr 1876, age 43 years, one month after a “painful illness”. (date: 15
                         Apr 1876)

                Laura Lee RISTON died 4 Jan 1876 at Baltimore age 18 months, daughter of James S. RISTON
                          and Mary E. RISTON. (date: 8 Jan 1876)

                Mary E. RISTON died 9 Jan 1876 at Baltimore, age 42 the daughter of the late J.P. and Jane
                           WHITEMORE of Alexandria after a “painful illness”.  (date: 11 Jan 1876)

                Octavia C. RISDON (sic) died 11 Sept 1855 age 28.  Third daughter of Capt. Theordore
                MEADE  after a “lingering illness” (cancer?).  Octavia’s sister Cecilia is married to Charles L.

#6  (From page 1: Oath of Fidelity by Elisha / Warrants for Land)

Elisha took the “Oath of Fidelity” in 1776.  In Aug., 1788, he and his brother John owed “a small debt”.  Elisha had 2 state warrants for land  in Greenbrier Co., MD.  He gathered several thousand acres. on 1 Mar 1828, a John Smith sold to Elijah Riston 450 acres on Pond River. on 23 Apr 1840, John WRISTON, Thomas B. RAFFETY, Bazzle WRISTON and his wife Nancy, Granvill EDWARDS, and Elizabeth COOLING all were a part of a handwritten, hence the spellings, document asking for a final “settlement of Elisha WRISTONs estate. The document reads as follows:  “(The State of illinois) green County we the under sinded Airs of the astate of Elisha Wriston death Dooth Request a final settlement with the Administerater of said Estate and if thay is any dew to the said ars thay wont it. To the onearable probate justis of the peas of madison county illinois.”  (ALL IS WRITTEN HERE AS ON OATH)

#7  (From page 1: Other Notes for Sarah Ann MAYO)

She is the daughter of Joseph MAYO and Henrietta (Unknown)(?).  The record from a Jay Irwin states she is the daughter of Thomas MAYO b. 26 Mar 1736 and Mary  (Unknown). Thomas is a brother of Joseph b. 26 July 1738.  Thomas was a Navel Officer in the American Revolution and left a will naming his children Sarah, Thomas, and Mary.  

#8  Other Siblings of Elizabeth PRICE

                1.  Archibald PRICE b. abt 1782
                2.  Isaac PRICE b. abt 1794
                         + Sally BARNETT b. 11 Dec 1723 in KY
                3.  Elizabeth PRICE  9  June 1776 in New Hope, Chatham Co., NC
                4.  Mary ("Polly")  PRICE b. abt 1801
                    + Joshua OWINGS   married 19 Sept 1824
                5.  John PRICE  b. 15 Sept 1804  d. 28 July 1883
                6.  William PRICE  b. 15 Aug 1806  d. 20 Sept 1877
                     + Harriett (Unknown)  married about 1824
                          5.  Matilda PRICE
                          5.  Robert PRICE
                          5.  John PRICE
                          5.  Elizabeth PRICE
                          5.  Harmon PRICE
                7.  Wilson PRICE  b. abt 1804

#9 (From page #3) On Alta Jane HARRIS

She was the daughter of  Solomon HARRIS and Lucinda BARKER.  Solomon was b. abt 1793 NC  d. 1872 Adams Co., IL. Lucinda was b. 1804 in NC and d. 1879 in Adams Co., IL.  Other siblings of Alta Jane were Sarah HARRIS (m. Jeremiah HECOX or Samuel P. DAIVS ???), Minerva HARRIS b. 1836, Solomon, Jr. b. 1827 (m. Lucinda Elizabeth JENKINS), George HARRIS b. 1827, Mary HARRIS b. 1832 (m. Joseph TURNER), Jackson HARRIS b. 1838 (m. Louisa HARDY), Malinda HARRIS  b. 1840, William HARRIS b. 1840 (m. Clarissa HILTYBRAN), Rice HARRIS  b. 1845 (m. Nancy BOLINGER), Clark HARRIS b. 1848 (m. Mary Francis SUTER).

#10 (From page #3) On George ELLIS

His father was Enos ELLIS and Sitnah A. HIATT.  Enos was b. 1820 in TN (d.  21 July 1900).  Sitnah was Irish but b. in Iowa in Mar 1835 and died in 1888 in Klickitat Co., WA. Both Enos and Sitnah moved to IA,  CA and OR but back to IA in 1852. They moved and settled in Linn Co., OR and Lake Co., CA. and finally to Klickitat Co. in 1880. Enos had land 6 miles south of Bickleton.  He had one brother, William H. ELLIS who lived at Mission, Chela Co., WA and a sister Mary ELLIS CLONINGER also living in Mission.

#11 (From page #3) On CHAMBERLAIN

He was the son of James L. CHAMBERLAIN b. Nebraska and married Christinia KINCAID in Marion Co., OR. He started the first store in Prosser, OR. She was b. in KY and they lived in North Yakima.  They had 11 children.  Paul and Alverdia lived in Cleveland, WA.  Paul’s siblings were:
                                                                1.  Jennie CHAMBERLAIN HAMILTON lived in Goldendale
                                                                2.  Mary E. CHAMBERLAIN GRANT lived in Scappoose, OR
                                                                3.  Joseph CHAMBERLAIN  lived in North Yakima
                                                                4.  Lee CHAMBERLAIN  lived near Toppenish
                                                                5.  Emma CHAMBERLAIN WHITE  lived on the Naches
                                                                6.  James CHAMBERLAIN lived in North Yakima
                                                     6.  Alta CHAMBERLAIN  b. 22 Aug 1890 near Cleveland   d. in infancy

#12 (From page #5)  More on Scarbrough)

She is the daughter of Robert (Robin) SCARBOROUGH (b. abt 1782) and Mary Ann FOLDIN (b. abt 1779 and married 5 May 1808). One of Elizabeth’s brothers was John Wesley SCARBROUGH b. 1825. John W. married Lucinda “Lucy” STOVER b. Aug 1825 and d. Sept 1874. They had a son, James D. SCARBROUGH who married Paulina WRISTON

#13 (From page #5) On Susan DUNBAR

She is the daughter of William Sewell Spencer DUNBAR and Alice J. / P. (?) GRASS / (GRAFS ?). William Sewell DUNBAR’s parents were William DUNBAR and Cynthia DEJARNETTE.  Cynthia's parents were Richard DEJARNETTE and Sarah ROWLETT.  Richard's parents were Mumford DEJARNETTE and Elizabeth Unknown.  Sarah's parents were Mackness ROWLETT and Nancy Unknown.  William DUNBAR's parents were William or Joseph DUNBAR and Mary Unknown.

Susan Alice DUNBAR married Henry WRISTON.  She was born in 1849 in Monroe Co., WVA and died 6 Oct 1930 in Kingston, Fayette Co., WVA.  She married Henry on 6 Mar 1868 in Raleigh Co., WVA and had sons Caleb WRISTON, John Richard WRISTON, and Michael Gaines WRISTON, and daughter Cynthia Adeline WRISTON.

William Sewell DUNBAR was b. 18 Nov 1823 in Fincastle, Botetourt Co., VA and died 14 Apr 1898 in Clear Creek, Raleigh Co., WVA. He married Alice on 14 June 1844 in Monroe Co., VA.  In addition to Susan, they had 9 other children who were:
                                1.  Henry Alexander DUNBAR  unknown dates
                                2.  William Spencer DUNBAR   "
                                3.  Cynthia Adeline DUNBAR   " (married a MAYNOR)
                                4.  Charles Nebraska DUNBAR  "
                                5.  John Richard DUNBAR  "
                                6.  Margaret Alice DUNBAR  "  (married a TAYLOR and had sons Franklin and Elliot)
                                7.  Luemma Julia DUNBAR   "  (married a LILLY
                                8.  Isabelle Ellen DUNBAR   "
                                9.  Elmira V. DUNBAR    "

#14 (From page #5) On William TONEY

 (He is the son of Jesse TONEY and Amanda JARRELL. Jesse
                                         Toney was b. 1803 and d. 1857. He is the son of William TONEY. Amanda is the daughter of Gibson JARRELL and Sarah PETTRY.  She was b. 1815 in Jarrell’s Valley, VA (Raleigh Co.) and d. 18 Jan 1898 in Fayette Co., VA. Other children of Jesse TONEY and Amanda JARRELL are as follows:
                                                1.  James A. TONEY  b. 1833 m. 23 July 1829 in Kanawah Co., WVA.
                                                     + Nancy GILLIESPIE  b. 1815 in Kanawha Co., WVA  d. 1880 in Lincoln Co., WVA. She was the daughter of Theopiles GILLESPIE and Mary McCARROLL.
                                                2.  Robert P. TONEY  b. 1834
                                                3.  John TONEY  b. 1839
                                                4.  Jesse TONEY  b. 1840
                                                5.  Sarah TONEY 
                                                     + Samuel DAVIS
                                                6.  Peachie TONEY
                                                     + Lewis DAVIS
                                                7.  Marion TONEY 
                                                     + Amanda TREADWAY
                                                8.  William TONEY  + Virginia WRISTON
                                                9.  Harrison TONEY  b. 1857
                                                     +  Julia PERKINS
                                                10. Albert TONEY
                                                     +  Rhoda DAVIS

#15 (From page 6)
In the 1850 census for Madison Co., IL the WRISTONs were listed as follows:    Tillman age 59 b. MD, Nancy age 56 b. NC, Leathy age 18 b. TN, William age 19 b. TN, Emmeline age 15 b. TN, Josephus age 11 b. IL, and William M. age 9 b. IL.  The family lived in Twp.#3, Range #7, Jarvis, Madison Co., IL.  Her will was administrated by S.W. TABOR. It was “settle” on 13 Dec 1859.  (It says she died on 3 Nov 1859 in Madison Co., IL.)

#16 (From page 6)

Notice of his “estate” was place in the Alton Evening Telegraph by the administrator, John G. JARVIS. He died of a “seize” at the north part of the east ½ of the South east quarter, section 8T 3NR7 containing 60 acres.

#17 (From page 6)

The "HOXSEY" name is spelled "HOXY" in the 1860 Illinois Census record for Madison County, Moultonville post office.

#18 (From page 6) On Albert Edge

His father was Joseph Hamilton EDGE and other Nancy McKelvie McGILL.  Joseph EDGE also married a woman forenamed Beulah.  Joseph was born 6 Nov  1846  Dadeville, Polk Co., MO  d. 22 Dec 1914 MO.  His father was Jonathan Paris EDGE and mother Rebecca Minerva McCLURE.  Joseph married Nancy on 12 Nov 1874 in Aldridge, Polk Co., MO.  Nancy was born 11 Oct 1846 Hamilton Co., TN and died 14 Dec 1884 in Aldrich, Polk Co., MO.  Her mother was Nancy McKelvey PEARSON and her father was David Milton McGILL.  Other children of Joseph and Nancy were Jonathan David EDGE b. 21 Mar 1877 who married Hailey BLAIR; Nancy Minerva EDGE b. 1 May 1879 d 20 Nov 1916 and who married John Ferguson GRAY on 25 Dec 1897; Myrtle Estella EDGE b. 28 Sept 1883 and died 3 May 1884.  Albert and “Libbie” married on 3 Mar 1897 in Alamogordo, Otero Co., MO.

#18 (From page 7) John RISTON

In the 1850 census, he lived in Muhlenburg Co., KY. A deed for land was dated 26 Nov 1846 to John EDWARDS, his father-in-law but sold on 27 June 1845 for $200.  John WRISTON got that “tract or parcel of land lying and being in the county of Muhlenberg on the waters of Pond River and bounded by 2 white oaks and S 465 east 40 poles to a red oak then south 5 east 80 poles to a hickory tree, then near a south course with a conditional line about 100 poles to a beech on the bank of the Pond River by the mouth of Arters Creek, then down the river with the meanders of the river to a sugar tree in Shurleys old line to Wares corner (a sugar tree) then with the Wares line north 52 west 66y poles, then north and east 53 poles to a sugar tree, then with the conditional line to beginning, containing 200 acres”.  Both men would “forever warrant and defend the title of the above described tract or parcel of land with its appurtinances from the claim”, etc. By 23 July, 1855, Senia was listed as a widow.

#19 (From page 7) Musina RISTON

Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Attila, Williamson Co., IL.  Married 20 June 1827 in Wilson, TN.  She is the daughter of John EDWARDS and Mary “Polly” BASS.  Musina then married a William O’NEAL, her brother in law who was a widower. William’s sister, Nancy O’NEAT had married McCollister EDWARDS. Another brother, (unknown forename), had married Musina’s sister Manar.  Musina and William married on 19 June 1856 in Williamson Co., IL. where Nancy and McCollister EDWARDS were living. 

#20 (From page 7) On the Edwards other children
Parents of Musina:  John EDWARDS and Mary "Polly" BASS

                                4.  Manar EDWARDS   b. abt 1810 GRANDVILLE’S  SISTER
                                     + (Unknown) O’NEAL           
                                4.  Musina (Sina) EDWARDS  b. abt 1810  GRANDVILLE’S SISTER
                                    +  John RISTON b. 1808 or 1810 Wilkes Co., NC   d. 12 Sept 1850 Green River,
                                                Muhlenberg Co., KY.  Married 20 June 1827 in Wilson, TN.
                                     +  William O’NEAL  Married 19 June 1856 Williamson Co., IL.
                                4.  James P. EDWARDS  b. abt 1815   GRANDVILLE’S BROTHER       
                                     +  Mary SLATON          (unknown dates)
                                     +  Lovely A. HENRY            
                                4.  Theophilus EDWARDS   b. abt 1816  In Jefferson City Penitentiary, Missouri 1860
                                            census, Cole Co., MO.  In for Grand Larceny. GRANDVILLE’S BROTHER
                                     +  Martha (unknown)          (unknown dates)
                                4.  Fines Ewin EDWARDS  b. 6 Apr 1821    d.  Boliver, Missouri  GRANDVILLE’S BR
                                    +  Jemima Ann WILLIAMS     (unknown dates)

RISTON, Maud K.  b. 1879 in Indiana Co., PA
   +  TRUITT, Harry W.  b. 23 Jan 1878 Indiana Co., PA.  His father was Alcinus G.
            Truitt (b. 30 Jan 1844 in Madison Twp., Armstrong Co., PA). His mother was
            Eliza Jane CORBETT (b. 1848 in Indiana Co., PA).  The father of Alcinus was
            George TRUITT b. 1820. George's mother was Nancy COURSON.  Other
            siblings of George were William, David, and James.  George's father was Thomas
            TRUITT (b. 18 Feb 1794 in Delavan), mother was Lydia WILLIAMS (b. 10 Aug
            1794).  George was a Baptist and a Republican.

            Harry and Maud married on 4 Oct. 1890. Their children were: Harry W. b. 1901,
            Julia Marie b. 1903, Dorothy Jane b. 1905, and Donald A. b. Sept. 1907.

            Other siblings of Alcinus were:  Seth C., b. 4 Oct. 1841 and Ner M. b. 15 Aug.

RISTON, Samuel (MRS.)  married Edward STEVENSON.  He was born on 6 Nov.
        1725 and died in 1794.  His father was Edward b. 1701 and died 1760 in Baltimore.
         He had been married to Susanna TRACY. This Edward had a father named Edward
         also who was born in 1662 / mother was Mary KING b. 1670.

In the 1850 Henderson Co., KY census page 703:  RISTON, Reuben age 40.  He was
born 18 June 1892 and died 12 Nov 1852.  Listed with him is Venite (spelled that way)
age 36 and Mary E. age 11, Sarah age 9, Louisa age 6, Albert S. age 5, and John W., age 1.

    Lucy WRISTON RYDER:  (b. 186?)  "Preliminary materials for a genealogy of the RIDER (RYDER) families in the U.S. by Fremont RIDER, Middletown, Ct. 1959) 


ALFRED WRISTON:  He was the 3rd son of Tilghman/Tillman RISTON/WRISTON.  He is not listed on the 1850 Madison Co., census with the family who lived at Jarvis Twp. #3, Range #7.  He was born 5 Jan 1816 in Jefferson Co., TN and died in Moultonville, Madison Co., IL.  He must be on some roll for the Civil War Pension Plan as he had a doctor write about his disability after the war. Alfred married (1) Nancy BARLETT who died 25 Sept 1854 in Edwardsville, Madison Co., IL.  They married 3 Nov 1852 in Madison Co., IL.  His son was Luther RISTON b. 1854.  He married (2) Elizabeth TAYLOR on 17 Sept 1855 in Madison Co., IL., and married (3) Tennessee C. WHITESIDE on 25 Mar 1857 in Montgomery, IL.  They had a son, James T. RISTON b. Aug 1869 in Madison Co., and lived in Greene Co., 8 miles east of White Hall.  James T. is buried on the first place settled by Basil WRISTON, his great grandfather.  His sister, Margaret is buried at this side plus 2 children of his brother John.  The land was owned by John PRATHERS in 1867.

JOSEPH WRISTON:  The second set of papers on Joseph state that he was 24 but there is no description of him.  He joined on 3 Jan 1864 in Little Rock, AK., by Lieut. Solomon for 3 years. He was mustered out on 4 Feb 1864 at Camp Butler by Lieut. Montgomery.  His residence was Marinetown, Madison Co., IL.  Joseph was really JOSEPHUS T. WRISTON born 28 Apr 1839 in Jarvis Twp., Madison Co., IL.  He died on 28 Sept 1866 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX.  He married Martha a RANDLE on 5 Aug 1858 in Madison Co., IL. She died on 1 May 1861 in Alhambra, Madison Co., IL. Their children were:  Caroline (Carrie D. WRISTON) b. 29 Mar 1859  d. after 1894.  Caroline married Joseph Melvin CHAMBERS on 11 Aug 1880 in Montgomery, IL.  They had 3 children.  A second child to Joseph and Martha was Eliza WRISTON. She was born in 1861 and died in May 1861.  Martha may have died giving birth to Eliza.

JAMES G. RISTON was the 3rd son of John RISTON and Musina EDWARDS and was born on 22 Feb 1847 in Muhlenberg Co., KY.  He died on 4 July 1907 in Saline, IL.  He married 4 different women, the first being a Martha D. RUSSELL MILLER (Mrs.) on 3 Jan 1871 in Saline, IL.  They had 3 children.  He didn't have children that I know of from wives # 2 or # 3.  With # 4, Nancy C. TOLER (b. 4 Mar 1867 and married on 19 Dec. 1903), he had James G. WRISTON, Jr.  He was born on 21 Oct 1904 in Saline, IL.

                                1700s - 1800s ARE THE FOLLOWING: 

    Allen RISTON  (Maryland Records: Vol 1 pgs. 113, 148)
    Alminta RISTON (Maryland Records: Vol 1 pgs. 93, 148)
    Ann RISTON (Maryland Records: Vol 1 pgs. 22, 99, 138, 147, 148, 181 / Vol 2.
        pgs. 437, 466)
    Baptiste RISTON (Marriage Licenses of Prince Georges Co. pg. 22)
    Basil RISTON (Marriage Licenses of Prince Georges Co., pg. 181 / Maryland
     Records: Vol 1 pg. 148)
    Benjamin RISTON (Maryland Records: Vol 2 pg. 386)
    Cassandra Ann RISTON (Maryland Records: Vol. 2 pg. 386 / Marriage Licenses
        of Prince Georges Co., pgs. 130, 181)
    Elisha RISTON (Marriage Licenses of Prince Georges Co., pgs. 147, 181 / Maryland
        Records: Vol 1 pg. 138, 148 / Vol. 2 pg. 113)
    Elizabeth RISTON (Marriage Licenses of Prince Georges Co., pgs. 10, 181 / Maryland
        Records: Vol 1 pgs. 96, 148)
    George RISTON (Marriages and Deaths from Baltimore Newspapers pg. 273 / British
        Invasion of Maryland 1812-1815 pg. 420)
    Heziah RISTON (Marriage Licenses of Prince Georges Co., pg. 181)
    James RISTON (Maryland Records:  Vol. 2 pg. 466)
    Keziah RISTON (Maryland Records: Vol 1 pgs. 93, 148)
    Margaret RISTON (Maryland Records: Vol 2 pg. 466)
    Mary Ann RISTON (Marriage Licenses of Prince Georges Col, pgs. 129, 181
        Maryland Records:  Vol. 1 pg. 66
    Miss Margaret RISTON (Marriages and Deaths from Baltimore Newspapers pg. 273)
    PVT. Zadock RISTON (Maryland Revolutionary Record pg. 44)
    Rachel RISTON (Maryland Records Vol. 2 pg. 478)
    Rebecca RISTON (Maryland Records Vol 1 pgs. 139, 148)
    Rebeccah RISTON (Marriages and Licenses of Prince Georges Col, pgs. 152, 181)
    Zachariah RISTON (Maryland Records: Vol 2 pg. 446)
    Zadock RISTON (Maryland Records: Vol 2 pgs. 307, 385, 386; Vol 1 pgs. 96, 148
        Marriages and Licenses of Prince Georges Co., pgs. 10, 129, 181/ Muster Rolls and
        Other Records of Service pg. 382)
    Elenor WRISTON (Marriages and Licenses of Prince Georges Co., pgs. 218, 247)

SPECIAL NOTES ON STOVER FAMILY FROM PAGE #5 OR how I am related, in a convoluted sense, to both DANIEL BOONE and DWIGHT DAVID EISENHOWER, the 34th President of the United States.  

The STOVER (could also be STUBER) family as they relate to the RISTON / WRISTON / WRISTEN family is very old.  Many STOVERS married RISTONS / WRISTONS / WRISTENS.  It begins with Jacob STOVER who was born in 1690 in Beren, Switzerland.  He died before 23 March 1740 in Augusta City, Orange Co., VA.  He married Sarah BOONE on 15 March 1714/15 at Christ Church in Philadelphia, PA.  Sarah was born on 29 Feb 1692 in Exeter, Devonshire, Bradninch, England.  She died on 20 Nov 1743 in Berks Co., PA.

Sarah's father was George BOONE III.  He was b. 19 Mar 1666 and d. 27 Feb 1744.  Her mother was Mary Milton MAUGRIDGE  who was b. in 1669 and died 2 Feb 1740/41.  Sarah's siblings were George IV b. 13 July 1690 and died 20 Nov 1753 in Exeter.  He was buried at Friends Cemetery in PA.  George IV married Deborah HOWELL on 20 June 1713 in Philadelphia Co., PA.  They had 10 children.  Sarah also had a brother named Richard who was born in 1696 and died in 1711.  He was baptised on 3 June 1696 at St. Disen Parish, Bradninch, Devonshire, England.  

George III's father was George Boone II  b. 17 Nov 1646 in Exeter, Devonshire, England and d. 1706 in Stoke Canon, Devonshire, England.  George II married Sarah Mary LIPPEY who was born in 1646 and died on 2 May 1707/8 or 1726.

George II's father was George BOONE b. in 1625 in Exeter.  He died in Devonshire, England and married Ann FALLACE  before 1640 in England.  Besides George II, they also had Henry BOONE, John BOONE, and Percis BOONE. 

Sarah also had a brother named Squire BOONE.  He was born on 25 Nov 1696 in Bradninch, Devonshire, England and died on 2 Jan 1765 in Mocksville, Rowan Co., NC.  He was buried in Jan of 1765 in Joppa Cemetery, Mocksville, Davie Co., NC.  Squire was baptised on 25 Dec 1696 at St. Disen's.  He married Sarah MORGAN  who was born in 1699 or 1700 and died on 1 Jan 1777.  One of their sons was DANIEL BOONE, the famous frontiersman.  Daniel BOONE was b. 22 Nov 1734 in New Britain, or Exeter Twp., Berks Co., PA.  Daniel married Rebecca BRYAN on 14 Aug 1756 in Yadin, Rowen Co., NC.  He died on 26 Sept 1820 in Defiance, St. Louis Co., MO.  Squire's other children were:
                    Daughter BOONE  unknown dates
                    Daughter BOONE    "
                    Daughter BOONE    "
                    Sarah Cassandra BOONE    "
                    Wilson BOONE     "
                    Samuel BOONE   "
                    Jonathan BOONE   "
                    Elizabeth BOONE    "   She married a GRANT
                    Mary BOONE    "   She married a BRYAN
                    Edward BOONE   "
                    Squire BOONE II   "
                    Hannah BOONE   "   She married a STEWART
                    Jacob BOONE    "
                    George BOONE    "
                    Israel BOONE    "

Daniel BOONE'S children were
                    Israel BOONE   "
                    Jemima BOONE   "   She married a CALLAWAY
                    Nathan BOONE   "
                    William Bryan BOONE   "
                    Nathaniel BOONE   "
                    Susannah BOONE   "  She married a HAYS or HAYES
                    Jessie Bryan BOONE  "
                    James BOONE  "
                    John BOONE   "
                    Daniel Morgan BOONE  "
                    Levinia BOONE  "   She married a SCHOLL

Other siblings to Sarah BOONE were:
                Mary BOONE  b. 23 Sept 1699  d. 16 Jan 1774 in PA
                    +  John WEBB  married on 13 Sept 1720  and had 9 children
                John BOONE  b. 14 Jan 1701 (or 1707) in Bradninch  d. 10 Oct. 1785 in 
                    Exeter, Berks Co., PA.  He was buried on 11 Oct 1785 in Friends Cemetery
                    but baptised on 30 Jan 1701/2 at St. Disen in England.
                Joseph BOONE  b. 5 Apr 1704 in Devonshire, England  d. 30 Jan 1776 in
                    Exeter Twp., Berks Co., PA.  He was buried on 31 Jan 1776 at Friends
                    Cemetery.  He married Catherine LINK.
                Benjamin BOONE  b. 16 July 1706 in Devonshire, England and died on 14
                    Oct 1762 in PA.  He married Ann FARMER in 1726 in PA and had a son
                    named John BOONE.  He then married Susanne Unknown and had 5 other
                James BOONE  b. 7 July 1709 in Devonshire, England  d. 1 Sept 1785 in 
                    Exeter Twp, Berks Co., PA.  He was buried on 3 Sept 1785 at Friends
                    Cemetery.  He married Mary FOULKE on 15 May 1735 in PA and had
                    12 children. He also married Ann GRIFFITH  on 20 Oct 1757 in PA.
                Samuel BOONE  b. in 1711 and d. on 6 Aug 1745 in Exeter Twp., Berks Co.
                    PA.  His burial was on 7 Aug 1745 at Friends Cemetery.  He married
                    Mary CASSER (?) and had 5 children.
                George BOONE IV  unknown dates
                Johann Diel BOONE    "
                James BOONE      "

Jacob and Sarah STOVER had several children. I know about most of the other children but I will simply type about those who go directly to EISENHOWER to save space. 
               1.  Abraham STOVER  b. abt. 1721 in Franklin Co., VA  d. abt. 1787 in 
                            Carter Co., TN.
                    +  Sarah Unknown  (unknown dates)  Married abt. 1740
                        2.  Henry STOVER  b. abt 1741 Franklin Co., VA  d. 1798 Franklin Co.,
                               +  Anna KLINE  b. abt 1737  d. abt 1772
                                   3.  Jacob STOVER  b. abt 1764 Franklin Co., VA  d. abt. 1847
                                             in Coal River, Raleigh Co., WVA
                                        +  Sarah "Sally" McGHEE  b. abt 1767  d. abt 1823 / 24 in
                                                 Coal River, Raleigh Co., WVA.  Married 16 Mar 1788
                                                  in VA.  12 children in all
                                             4.  Obediah STOVER  b. 1790 Franklin Co., VA  d. 1843
                                                      Raleigh Co., WVA
                                                   +  Mary "Massea" STANLEY  b. 1790  Married on 12
                                                                Jan 1809
                                                        5.  William STOVER  b. 5 Jan 1810 Kanawha Co.,
                                                                    WVA  d. 15 Jan 1857 Raleigh Co., WVA
                                                              +  Elizabeth WRISTON  b. 1818  Giles Co., VA
                                                                            married 2 Apr 1840 in Fayette Co.,
                                                                    6.  Patterson STOVER  b. abt 1848
                                                                          +  Nancy WRISTON  b. abt 1848
                                                                                    married 20 May 1870 in Raleigh
                                                                                    Co., WVA
                                                                    6.  Daniel STOVER  b. abt 1856
                                                                          +  Rachael E. WRISTON  b. 1857
                                                        5.  Amanda Amie STOVER  b. 1815
                                                              +  Zachariah RISTON b. 1813 Giles Co., VA
                                                        5.  Nancy STOVER  b. 1816
                                                              +  John WRISTON  b. abt 1817 
                          2.  Daniel STOVER  b. abt 1750  Augusta Co., VA  d. 1822 Augusta
                                                Co., VA
                                +  Barbara BENEDICT  unknown dates
                                    3.  Daniel STOVER  b. 23 May 1780 Augusta Co., VA  d. 18 Jan
                                                1862  OR 25 Jan 1865 near Mt. Sidney, Augusta Co.,
                                         +  Mary HANNAH  b. 3 Jan 1781 d. 23 Mar 1852
                                              4.  Simon P. STOVER  b. 28 Sept 1822  Mt. Sidney,
                                                            Augusta Co., VA  d. 11 Dec 1873 Augusta Co., 
                                                    +  Elizabeth Ida (Juda) LINK  b. 19 Nov 1822  d. 28
                                                                March 1867  married  31 Dec 1848
                                                        5.  Ida Elizabeth STOVER  b. 1 May 1862  in Mt
                                                                    Sidney, VA  d. 11 Sept 1946 Abilene, KS
                                                             + David Jacob EISENHOWER  b. 23 Sept
                                                                    1863 Elizabethville, PA  d. 15 Mar 1942
                                                                     Abilene, KS  Married 23 Sept 1885 Hope
                                                                 6.  Arthur Bradford EISENHOWER  b. 11
                                                                            Nov 1886 Hope, KS  d. 26 Jan 1958
                                                                            Kansas City, MO
                                                                       +  Louise GRIEB  (married her 2 times?)
                                                                 6.  Edgar Newton EISENHOWER  b. 19
                                                                              Jan 1889 Hope, KS  d.  12 July 1971
                                                                              Tacoma, WA
                                                                      + Louise ALEXANDER  b. 1 Oct 1894
                                                                               Indianapolis, IN  married 1 Oct 1911
                                                                               2 children
                                                                      +  Bernice THOMPSON  b. 2 May 1902
                                                                                 Tacoma, WA  Married 28 Dec
                                                                      +  Lucille DAWSON  married 23 Dec
                                                                  6.  DWIGHT DAVID EISENHOWER 
                                                                               b. 14 Oct 1890 Denison, TX.  d. 28
                                                                                    Mar 1969 Washington, DC
                                                                        +  Marie (Mamie) Geneva DOUD  b. 11
                                                                                Nov 1896  Boone, IA  Married 1
                                                                                July 1916 Denver, CO  2 children
                                                                  6.  Roy Jacob EISENHOWER  b. 9 Aug
                                                                                1892 Abilene, KS  d. 17 June 1942
                                                                                 Junction City, KS
                                                                        +  Edna Alice SHADE  b. 13 Sept 1891
                                                                                 Ellis City, KS  4 children
                                                                  6.  Paul A. EISENHOWER  b. 12 May
                                                                                 1894   Abilene, KS  d. 16 March
                                                                                 1895  Abilene, KS
                                                                  6.  Earl Dewey EISENHOWER  b. 1 Feb
                                                                                 1898  Abilene, KS  d. 18 Dec
                                                                                 1968 Scottsdale, AZ
                                                                        +  Kathryn SNYDER  b. 15 Aug 1909 
                                                                                  Charleroi, PA  2 children
                                                                  6.  Milton Stover EISENHOWER  b. 15
                                                                                Sept 1899 Abilene, KS  d. 2 May
                                                                                1985  Baltimore, MD
                                                                       +  Helen Elsie  EAKEN  b. 14 Aug 1904
                                                                                married 11 Oct 1927  2 children


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