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                                (From LILLIG page 1: 3rd child of George Albert LILLIG and Harriett Anita LYNCH)

                                3.  Harriett Virginia LILLIG  b. private
                              +  Robert Earl STEELE  b. 28 Sept 1913 New York  d. March 1985
                                  4.  Beverly Jean STEELE  b. 2 Oct 1942  Chicago  d. Sept 1990
                                        +  Russell TAYLOR (unknown dates)
                                             5.  Daniel Neil TAYLOR  b. private
                                             5.  Pamela Jean TAYLOR  b. private
                                             5.  David Keith TAYLOR  b. private
                                             5.  Patricia Marie TAYLOR  b. private
                                        +  Ramond Walter DAWSON  b. private
                                             5.  Luke Allen DAWSON  b. private
                                  4.  Robert George  STEELE  b. private
                                        + Eugenia Lee BARRETT  (unknown dates)
                                            5.  Tammy Lynn STEELE  b. private
                                                  +  John VAN HOVE  b. private
                                                      6.  Stephanie Renee VAN HOVE  b. private
                                                      6.  Kristin Nicole VAN HOVE  b. private
                                                      6.  Johhny VAN HOVE  b. private
                                             5.  Paulette Michelle STEELE  b. private
                                         +  Jeanine Marie-Therese BUGUIN  (unknown dates)
                                         +  Sharon Johnson PETRALIA  b. private
                                             5.  Jason Robert STEELE  b. private
                                  4.  Kathleen Elizabeth STEELE  b. private
                                        +  Leslie GATES  Married 4 May 1973
                                        +  Eric Friend    (unknown dates)
                                        +  Billy Ray TERRY  "
                                        +  Patrick McCLEAN  (unknown dates)
                2.  Emil Charles LILLIG  b. 17 Mar 1873 Dubuque   d. 10 Sept 1873  Dubuque
                2.  Alberta (Albertina) LILLIG  b. 30 May 1874  Dubuque  d. 20 July 1874
                2.  Nettie Elizabeth LILLIG  b. 18 Oct 1875  Dubuque  d. 15 Oct 1878  Dubuque
                2.  Ada Maud LILLIG  b. 28 Feb 1878  Dubuque  d.  20 Sept 1947  Camanche
                      + Harry McINTOSH  b. 1880 Bloomfield, NY Married 12 June 1907
                                Dubuque, IA.  His parents were William A. McINTOSH and Eliza S.
                                McINTYRE of NY.
                2.  Alexander E. LILLIG  b. 15 July 1879 Dubuque   d. 15 July 1926








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