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             My mother's favorite picture of me at age 5    


                                                    My mother, Mary Llewella MATTHEWS 


                       My grandfather, Abraham MATTHEWS      Great Aunt Dorothy

                                 This picture of Dorothy was taken in 1922 in Swansea, Wales.  I
                                  believe she married into a JOHNS family. If ANYONE knows this
                      MATTHEWS/JOHNS connection, PLEASE let me know!!!

                                         Ralph Eugene LILLIG, age 18    George Albert LILLIG age 20
                                                    My Father                         My paternal Grandfather


                              Amelia Lizette SIEGRIST LILLIG     John Martin LILLIG
                                         Paternal Great Grandmother        Paternal Great Grandfather

                                           Both John Martin and Amelia are considered "pioneers" of 
                                         Dubuque, Iowa. John Martin was a 4 term Alderman and 
"                                       Amelia was an accomplished seamstress. The lumberyard
                                            where John worked is still across the street from their home.

                                 Dubuque Home about 1870
                      This picture of the Dubuque LILLIG home was taken about 1915. The little
      boy, right in front of the bottom right window might be my father .

               Dubuque home in 1999.  My great grandfather, John Martin Lillig,
                        laid each stone and planted every tree. Many of the trees are gone now.
         The chimney is gone. The lumber yard is still across the street.


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