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Maude RISTON to Thomas William EASTHOPE on 9 Apr
1903...was born on 27 Dec 1882 in Bountiful, Davis Co., UT.
                                           d. 1938.  His parents were John EASTHOPE and Sarah Ann
Hannah L. WRISTEN to William RAFFETY on 19 Mar 1883

                  Al WRISTEN to Willimae CUPPLES in CA (unknown county).  She was
                                                       born on 25 Sept 1915 Oak Grove, CA and died on 13 June 1971 in Santa
                                                       Cruz, CA the daughter of Richard CUPPLES and Marcelle WRIGHT


                  Charles WRISTEN to Isabelle RUST on either 20 or 21 Apr
                                         1895 in Adams Co.                                                                

                                         Thomas WRISTEN to Mary ECKLES (Mrs.)  13 Nov 1867

                                         Milton W. (The name Wiston is listed too) WRISTON to
                                         Jane HARRIS 29 June 1859. Milton's middle name is
"Jane's" first name is Alta.
      John RISTON to Mary A. ERNST 10 May 1894

                                            Charles RISTON to Mary OLSON 13 Apr 1887 (my 3rd
great Uncle)
Cook County, Chicago, Illinois. 

                                                   Winnifred A. RISTON to Charles G. M. BLUM 2 June 1873
                                        (3rd great Aunt) 
Cook County, Chicago, Illinois

William RISTON to Marion MCCLELLAN 11 Jan 1909

Cumberland  Co           Lewis RISTON to Mary EGGERS 8 Mar 1891

Ford Co                               Benjamin F. RISTON to Emily McKAY 17 Sept 1863

Greene Co                         Catherine Page WRISTON (Mrs. of James
                                          RISTON/WRISTON) John RAFFERTY  31 Mar 1839

Hancock Co                  Cora Belle WRISTEN to Beaura HINSON 20 Oct 1892 (In
                                           the Illinois State Marriage License area a HUNSON)

                                                         John WRISTEN to Catherine MATTHEWS 22 Apr 1858

                                                         Henry WRISTEN  to Lizzie HARRISON
                                                         Thomas WRISTEN to Mary ECKELS (Mrs.) Adams Co.
                                                         Thomas WRISTEN to Nancy FIREMAN  Montgomery Co.


                                                       Charles J. WRISTEN to Kattie (Hattie?) WILHITE. (The
                                                        bride’s in
the Illinois State Marriage License area as HUNSON)

Martha J. WRISTON to Henry SMART 8 Dec 1859
                                         (???...see  below)

                                                      Thomas Clairborne WRISTEN to Allabelle Carolyn McCOY
Dec 1884 . The record has ALLIE MCCOY and Allie B.C.
                                                      MCCOY in Hancock Co.

                                                    John Henry WRISTON to Rachel GRIFFITTS (CAIN)15 Apr 1874. Rachel
                                                    was 30 May 1828 in Laurel Co., KY and died 30 Oct 1891 in Bowen,
                                                    Hancock, Co.  
                                                      Her first husband was William CAIN whom she married 10 Jan 1847 in

                                                    Bowen, Hancock Co., IL.  He was the son of James CAIN and Elizabeth
                                                    HUNTER and born 23 Oct 1823 near Speedwell, Clairborn Co., TN.  He
                                                    died 25 Apr 1872 in Saline Co., MO and is buried at Mt. Horeb, in Saline
                                                    Co., MO.  Rachel and William’s children were:  Mary Ellen CAIN, Thomas
                                                   William CAIN, Thomas G. CAIN and Martha Ann CAIN.  Rachel and John
                                                    married in Saline, MO.      

                                            Charles R. WRISTEN to Josephine N. WILHITE (Mrs.) 2 Oct 1890

                                                    Henry WRISTEN to Lizzie HARRISON  6 Mar 1884

                                                    John M. WRISTEN to Amanda WENSEL 11 Apr 1867 and to Martha A
                                                        TOMLINSON 7 July 1875  

                                                    William L. WRISTEN to Mollie F. MOORE  20 June 1880

                                                    John M. WRISTEN  to Martha A. TOMLINSON

                                                    John M. WRISTEN to Amanda F. WENSEL  


                                                    Melvina Angeline WRISTEN to Morton B. HINSON 12 Dec 1883

                                                     Louisa A. WRISTON to David COLLINS 1 Nov 1883

Henry Co                            John Marshall WRISTEN to Dell WINSEL 11 Apr 1867

     John Marshall WRISTEN to Martha TOMLINSON July 1875  Geneseo,

                    Martha J. WRISTEN to Henry SMART  8 Dec 1859                                       

                                                   August WRISTON to Theresa WILL (unknown date), Geneseo, Illinois       Macoupin                 

                                                    William David RISTON/WRISTON to Agnes Ardelia DEW 25 Dec 1849

                                                     Albert C. RISTON to Martha SMITH 10 Dec 1856
                                                        Father was THOMAS J. WRISTEN / daughter Eva WRISTEN who
                                                         married an OLSON              

                                                    Martha J. WRISTEN to Henry SMART (unknown date) (????...see above)

                                                    John WRISTON to Mary Ann PITZER 21 Dec 1843  


                                                     Mary A. WRISTEN  to Thomas N. WELLS  22 Jan 1843

                                                     William WRISTEN to Agness A. DEW  25 Dec 1849
                                                     Milton Washington WRISTEN to Jane HARRIS 29 June 1859
                                                         (listed above under "Illinois" also)              

  Madison Co:                   Lloyd WRISTON to Susan HENDERSON 7 Dec 1837

                                                   Martha WRISTON (b. 30 Nov 1814 Hopkinsville, Christian Co., KY and
                                                   died 21 Oct 1897 in Weston, Franklin Co., Idaho) to (1) William DEAS on
                                                   1 Apr 1841 and (2) ??? William McGINNIS (unknown date) 

                                           Leida (Lydia) WRISTON to Soloman TABOR 20 Nov 1843. He was born
                                                   on 23 Apr 1822 in McMinn Co., Tennessee.  

                                                    Martha WRISTON to Eliphalet STEPHENSON 19 Oct 1848

                                                    Bersheba WRISTON to Lewis B. HEATH 23 Jun 1850

                                                   Margaret WRISTON to George N. NEEL 21 July 1850

                                                   Susan Emmaline WRISTON to Henry Franklin RANDLE 26 Aug 1857 or

                                                    Alfred P. WRISTON to Nancy BARTLETT 3 Nov 1853 and also to
                                                    Elizabeth TAYLOR  17 Sept 1855

                                                    Thomas WRISTEN to Nancy FIREMAN  6 Dec 1849     

                                           Elizabeth WRISTEN to Christopher C. HOXSEY  26 Mar 1843                                                                                                      

                                                   Joseph WRISTON to Martha A. RANDLE 5 Aug 1858

                                                   William H. WRISTON to Martha HANLON 7 Dec 1863

                                                   Angeline WRISTON to Isaac EMBRY 3 June 1860
                                                  Alfred P. WRISTEN to Elizabeth TAYLOR  

Morgan                              Mary WRISTON to Thomas B. RAFFETY 2 Sept 1833 

                                                   Elizabeth RISTON to Thomas COOLING  12 Aug 1832

Montgomery             Thomas WRISTEN to Nancy Fireman  6 Dec 1849

                                                   Alfred P. WRISTON to Tennessee C. WHITESIDE 25 Nov 1857

                                                   Carrie D. WRISTON to Joseph M. CHAMBERS 11 Aug 1880

Saline    Co                   William M. RISTON/WRISTON to Mary E. THOMAS 17 Dec 1873/see below


                                            Cordia RISTON to Oliver COZART 8 Apr 1899

                                                    Mary E. RISTON to William R. GRAVES  8 Sept 1878. This one is also
listed as:  Mary E. Thomas RISTON to W.R. GRAVES  8 Sept 1878 

                                                   James WRISTON to Amanda HATHAWAY (Mrs.)    21 or 29 Nov 1900.
                                                    There is a record of a James WRISTON marrying Amanda   HASE  HATHAWAY  on 21 Nov 1900   
                                                      James G. WRISTON to Martha D. MILLER (Mrs.) 3 Jan 1871 and to Mary 
                                                         Jane TOLBERT (Mrs.) 23 Mar 1893
 St. Clair                               Nellie WRISTON to H.A. CANEDY 14 Mar 190
 Unknown CO               William Leander WRISTEN to Mary F. MOORE 20 June 1880            
    										             Henry Alexander WRISTEN  to Elizabeth HARRISON 6 Mar 1884  


                                                       Lewis Edward WRISTEN to Juda BOWLEN 13 Oct 1892         

                                                     Gladys RISTON  to David Bennette BROWN. He was b. 27 Oct 1914 and
                                                     died 10 Feb 1942 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  She, I believe, was the one
                                                      born 27 Oct 1914 in McClure, Alexander Co., Illinois. She was the
                                                      daughter of Francis Marion RISTON and Mary Jane CUMMINS.  She
                                                      had a daughter Dorothy Louise BROWN who married Windall Clayton
                                                      WILSON. Their daughter was Mallory Christine WILSON. Gladys 10
                                                      Feb  1942 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.               

                                                  Francis Marion RISTON married Mary Jane CUMMINS. He was born 27
                                                  Feb 1864 (unknown place) and died 25 Dec 1901 in Union Co., Illinois.
                                                  Mary  Jane  was born on 21 Dec 1881 and died 5 Sept 1967.  She is the
                                                  daughter of William Worth CUMMINS and Margaret Frances WILLARD.
Margaret was  born 23 Dec 1853 in Williamson Co., IL and died 23 Nov
                                                  1937 in Alexander Co., IL. Her father was Enoch WILLIARD (Willyard?)
                                                   and mother was Savannah GREEN.  OTHER CHILDREN of Francis Marion
                                                  RISTON and  Mary Jane CUMMINS:  William Warren RISTON b. 19 June
                                                  1903, Margaret  RISTON b. Jan 1906, Henry W. RISTON 20 Aug 1907,
                                                  Emeline RISTON Sept 1908, Cecil (J.C.) RISTON 25 May 1910, Mary Ellen
                                                  RISTON 8 Sept 1911, Clara J. RISTON 25 May 1914, an Un-named RISTON
                                                  1923-1923, Melba RISTON 23 Aug 1924.                  

  Fountain Co                    RISTON, Rubie M. to Edward Nussel 7 Dec 1894

                                                    RISTON, W. to ??? 27 June 1914

                                                     There is a date of 23 March 1887... RISTON is involved but who?

  Montgomery          A Led RISTON to Frank Richard MARTIN 20 Aug 1914

                                                     John E. RISTON to Sarah SCANDEL 8 Mar 1877

  Sanford Co                    RISTON, Jane to Allen W. Bailey 16 Oct 1889. She is age 19. A Hattie
                                                     Bailey is listed with Jane and a date of 26 Nov 1892.  

Tippacanoe Co         A Cassius RISTON 19 Feb 1884 (5-16 416)  to Mattie E. MAULBURY
                                                    C-17 328.                                                  

                                                    C. M. RISTON to Elizabeth MILLER 19 Feb 1884   

                                                    RISTON, John to Elizabeth MILLER age 23 19 Feb 1884  5-17-63

                                                    Leadda RISTON to Frank A MARTIN  14 Oct 1888 W. 1 Dec 1900  

                                                    Mayme RISTON to Leroy C. WALTERS  22 Feb 1905  C-25 69

                                                    William F. RISTON to Judy OPAL  25 Mar 1898  W 4 Aug 1928  M 43  55

                                                    Thomas Walter RISTON to Clara SCHULTE  2 Aug 1920  H-12  291

                                                    Amandus RISTON to ? SPEISER  23 Jan 1889  H-3  244

                                                    An Amandus H. RISTON to Margaret SPEIR  22 Feb 1896  H-7  6

                                                    They have Ruth L. RISTON to Curwen L. Leaming, Jr. 1 July 1895 and
                                   widowed on 9 Dec 1916. 


Christian Co                  John RISTON to Elizabeth PRICE 9 Nov 1813

                                                    Martha WRISTON to Andrew J. REDD 19 Aug 1835

                                                    Thomas RISTON to Hannah H. BOGGS 1 Mar 1821

  Henderson                  Mary E. WRISTON to Louis PRITCHELL 17 Jan 1856 

                                                    Reuben WRISTON to Vernetia ADKINS (unknown date)  


                                       Tobe RISTON to Harriet JEFFERSON  27 Oct 1881 in Boss
                                       Albert GEORGE to Lucy RISTON  4 Sept 1891 in Boss

Unknown Co            Elisha WRISTON to Nancy Perimon SISK 24 Nov 1850

                                                   James G. RISTON b. 1846. Father John RISTON and mother Massina.  She
                                                   was born abt 1810 in Tennessee. John was born abt 1810 in NC. 


  Alexandria                       Benjamin RISTON to Octavia CALENDAR 9 Jan 1845. There is also
                                                    listed a Benjamin RISTON in the DC marriages 1806-1850 married to
                                                    Catherine O.  

                                            CALENDAR on 1 Sept 1845 and to CALLENDER 25 Nov 1844. I think
                                                    the “O” stands for Octavia.
                                                   Benjamin K.(?) RISTON to Ellen JAVINS 21 Dec 1847

                                                   JOHN HENRY RISTON to RACHEL ANNE WILLIAMS 26 Nov 1839
(technically, according to the certificate, in DC....see below)  
Anne Arundel                Ann(e) RISTON to Samuel GARDINER 14 July 1818

                                                     Rebecca RISTON to Thomas REDMOND 2 Mar 1818

                                                     Rachel RISTON to John TYDINGS 28 Sept 1818 and to Richard                                                                                                          TYDINGS 7 Oct 1848

Baltimore City/Co       Abraham RISTON to Susannah HUGHES 20 or 29 Oct 1790
     Elizabeth RISTON to Peter BERRY 10 Aug 1821  

                                                    Hannah RISTON to Aquilla HUGHES 27 Jan 1832

                                                    Elizabeth RISTON to Joshua R. KELLY 26 Mar 1822

                                                    Sarah RISTON to John LeSOURD 9 Oct 1817.  They had daughter  Mary
                                                           C. LESOURD b. 17 Jan 1821 in Butler Co., Ohio and
                                                           daughter Elizabeth LESOURD b. 9 Feb 1832 in Butler Co.,
(Also in as:  Sarah RISTON to John SESOURD  9 Oct

                                                      Basil RISTON to Elizabeth BRADLEY 19 Sept 1846

                                                     William RISTON to Elizabeth FULLER 2 Aug 1821
(at the Methodist Episcopal Church (Baltimore City Station)  

                                                     George RISTON to Margarett HERMANGE 26 Nov 1816

                                                    Anne RISTON to Thomas JOHNSON in 1752  (He father was
                                                           Zecariah whose father was Edward RISTON and mother Rachel

                                                    John RISTON to Elizabeth PARRISH 17 Mar 1815

                                                     Emily A. RISTON to John E. WHITE on either 5 or 7 Feb 1862

   Elizabeth RISTON to James MATHER  26 June 1800
                                       Margaret RISTON to Benjamin THOMAS 17 Apr 1790

                                       Mary RISTON to Wilkes BOSMAN  2 May 1803

In Frederick                                    
    Co., MD   

Timothy RISTON to Mary DONOVAN 20 July 1833

                                                    Sarah RISTON to John DICAS 26 March 1824

In Harford                  Jesse RISTON to Sophia C. PAYNE 22 May 1844

In Alexandria          
                               John Henry RISTON to Rachel A. WILLIAMS 26 Nov 1839 (my
                                                                    great grandparents) 

                                                   Mary A. RISTON to William ROBERTSON 28 May 1855

                                                   George H. RISTON to Ida Elizabeth MAVARS 31 Jan 1877

                                                   Joseph B. RISTON to Mary CONNEY 4 Apr 1872

                                                   Mary Jane RISTON to Jacob GROVES 22 July 1843 (Washington)
                                                   Benjamin RISTON to Catherine O. CALLENDER  25 Nov 1844

                   Keziah RISTON to William ALBY 22 Jan 1778 at St. Paul's Parish at Baden
                                                        (also spelled ALBEY and on 21 Jan 1778)

                                                   Cassandra RISTON to Thomas KING  29 Mar 1823

                                                    Allen RISTON to Elizabeth EASTON 5 or  8 Apr 1779  


                                                      Basil RISTON to Ann BONAFIELD (Bonnafill) (4) or 6 Dec 1787

                                                      Elisha RISTON to Aminta ALBY 12 Jan 1779
                                                         to Ann MAYOH (as Maych)  7 Feb 1790

                                                     Zadock RISTON to Elizabeth BARTLY  7 Jan 1786

                                                     Zadock RISTON to Mary Ann KING  14 May 1818

                                                     Elenor WRISTON to Thomas TILLMAN  1 July 1820 

                                                     Mary A. RISTON to William ROBERTSON 28 May 1855

                                                     Mary Jane RISTON to Jacob GROVES 22 July 1813 (may have been
                                                           a DC marriage)                          

                                                     Benjamin RISTON to Elizabeth MULLICAN 29 Dec 1821 (may have
                                                          been a DC marriage)

                                                    Rebeccah RISTON to Middleton MITCHELL 21 Apr 1792  

                                                     Fielder RISTON to Sarah YOUNG 15 May 1823 (may have been a
                                                             DC marriage)  

                                                    George H. RISTON to Ida Elizabeth MAVARS 31 Jan 1877

                                                     Joseph B. RISTON to Mary CONNEY 3 Apr 1872

Missouri:              Franklin G. WRISTON to Jerusha CAMPBEL on 10 May 1849 Holt
                                                    Thomas H. WRISTON to Mary F. CORDER 3 Mar 1867 (Johnson Co.)
                                                     James Monroe WRISTON to Elizabeth Helen MYERS 30 Dec 1869
                                                            (Johnson Co.)

New York     Sarah Elizabeth RISTON to Elijah M. BRADY (no date) She was born
in 1794.  He was born in 1796 

         William H. WRISTON to Elizabeth TAYLOR 13 May 1817
                                                          Cumberland Co.
                                                     Peggey RISTON  to Sale PERDUE  26 June 1817  Wilkes Co.     

                                                     Edna Maude WRISTON to Silas Hayes STOVER 21 May 1898 in
                                                         Maple Fork, Raleigh Co., WVA.  His father was Burrell STOVER,
                                                         mother Rebecca BAILERY. Silas was born on 27 Mar 1879 in
                                                         Maple Fork, Raleigh Co., WVA. He died 2 Feb 1953 in Buckley,
                                                         Raleigh Co., WVA.        


                                      William H. WRISTON  to Elizabeth TAYLOR  13 May 1817
                                            Cumberland Co. Their "bond date" was 13 May 1817.  The
                                            Bondsman was Miles L. WRISTON.

                                         William H. WRISTON  to Mary Ann ERWIN. "Bond date"
                                            was 26 May 1840.  Bondsman was Miles L. WRISTON.

                                         FYI:  A. RISTON was a bondsman for marriage bonds in
                                                  North Carolina in 1787

                                                      Pauline WRISTON to James D. SCARBROUGH (b. 1852) married
                                                           17 Nov 1870 in Raleigh Co., WVA.  His father was John Wesley
                                                           SCARBROUGH and mother Lucinda STOVER b. Aug 1825 and
                                                           died Sept 1874.     


Oklahoma         CHICKASAW NATION MARRIAGES 1895-1907

                                                            Henry RISTON age 38 to Jennie BROWN  age 25
                                                 on 25 Nov 1905.  Residence is in Ardmore

     Margaret J. RISTON to Marcellus McBride CRIBBS  (no date) He
                                                          was born on 24 Aug 1866 in Oil City, Venango Co., PA. He died
                                                           on 13 Apr 1918 (unknown place) His parents were Peter Irvin
                                                          CRIBBS  and Adaline McBRIDE)   


  Clairborne Co.:             Mary RISTON to Willey COMACK 17 Sept 1896
Wilson Co.             Sarah RISTON to Granville EDWARDS
                                          The Edwards family was from the Commerce/Watertown area
                                          of Wilson Co. near the Smith Co., TN line from 1800-1835.
                                          Before that, they were in Franklin Co., NC and then in
                                          Muhlenberg Co., KY.  By 1830, they were in KY and had
                                          land on the Pond River.

                                        John RISTON to Musina EDWARDS  20 June 1827


   In Fannin, TX.             Janie RISTON to Evan BROWN 2 Nov 1887

  In Johnson, TX.          Jerry RISTON to Angeline WARREN 4 Nov 1897

                                                     Elijah WRISTEN to Mary V. HARMEN 11 Oct 1864

  In Montague (?)          Louis Henry WRISTEN to Addie Venita HILL  25 Nov 1877. He is
                                                          also written as Lewis R. WRISTON. Addie was b. Sept 1862 in

Albemarle Co.       F. P. RISTON to Susan GAY  25 Aug 1880

  Alexandria Co            Aurelia RISTON (age 18) to Charles P. LEAKE  11 Aug 1863
                                                      (3rd great Aunt)



                                            James S. RISTON to Mary E. WHITEMORE 13 Jan 1853.  He is the
                                                    son of Benjamin RISTON. James’ daughter was Elizabeth C.
                                                    RISTEN  b. abt 1854  d. 1 Feb 1855

                                                    Henry Wingfield RISTON  was born on 15 Dec 1899 to Judah R. and Ada
                                                       Bayliss RISTON in Alexandria. 

        James P Whitmore (Whitemore?) RISTON was born 23 Oct 1865 to James L. (S?) and  Mary E. RISTON in Alexandria.


                                                    Merry Christina RISTON was born 25 Dec 1906 to Judah B. and Ada V.
                                                    RISTON in Alexandria.                             
Arlington Co.                Benjamin K. (?) RISTON to Ellen JAVINS 24 Dec 1847

Fayette Co.                   Elizabeth RISTON to William STOVER 2 Apr 1840

                                                     Miles C. WRISTON to Sarah Almira Elvina “Ella” BLAIR 8 Sept
                                                        1883. There is a Miles WRISTON who married a Christian
                                                         BLEVINS also.
Fairfax Co.              
  George LIPSCOMB (Colonel) age 31 to Laura V. WILLS age 23 on
                                                        8 July 1885.  She was the daughter of Willis and S. WILLS and was
                                                        born in Rockbridge, VA. He was the son of R.K., and E. RISTON. 

Green Co.                James WRISTON to Nannie BUSH 29 Dec 1880

Hartford Co.

Monroe Co.                     Isaac RISTON to Elizabeth SCARBROUGH 6 Aug 1829

                                                     Reason RISTON to Rachel SCARBOROUGH 18 Aug 1805

Raleigh Co.              James WRISTON to Rebecca MOLES 3 July 1861
                                       Delilha WRISTON to Alpha ARMSTRONG 17 Apr 1856




        Fayette Co.       Burwell WRISTON to Martha K. TAYLOR 21 Dec 1871
                                        Jermina WRISTON to Thomas JOHNSON 24 Jan 1873
                                        Austin WRISTON to Lithiann GOODE 10 Oct 1877
                                                Austin RISTON to Sarah F. BLAKE 4 Mar 1869
                                        Isaac Garner WRISTON to Dora Alice STANLEY 28
                                                Sept 1878
                                        William WRISTON to Mary J. WRISTON 22 Sept 1881
                                        Amanda J. WRISTON to William H. ALLIFF  5 Feb 1883
                                        Martha E. WRISTON to John ARMSTRONG 27 Mar 1884
                                        Mary E. WRISTON to James ARMSTRONG 25 Sept 1884
                                        Virginia WRISTON to William TONEY  31 July 1867
                                        Lyttleton WRISTON to Manerva A.WISEMAN 10 Mar 1870
  Mary Ann WRISTON to Harrison Wriston STOVER. He was born
                                                          about 1839.  A daughter Nancy was born in 1866 in Greenbrier Co.

Nicholas Co.    William Leonard WRISTON to Alice Ann BACKUS 19 July 1898
        Raleigh Co.    

                                      Almira A. WRISTON to Ulysses MAYNOR 20 March 1888
                                         there is also a date of 4 Jan 1887
                                      Edna Maud WRISTON to Silas Hayes STOVER  21 May 1898
                                      Lucinda A. WRISTON to James W. TREDWAY 23 Dec 1870
                                      Mary WRISTON to Lewis MASSEY (MAPEY) 22 Mar 1879
                                              (Mary's marriage is listed twice....with Mapey being one)
                                      Miram A. WRISTON to Amos BAILEY 29 Nov 1866
                                      Mollie WRISTON  to Benjamin F. STOVER  5 June 1893
                                      Nancy J. WRISTON to Isaac WRISTON 22 Oct 1889
                                      Paulina WRISTON to James SCARBOROUGH 17 Nov 1870
                                      Rachel Eliza WRISTON to Daniel STOVER  11 Mar 1875
                                      Rebecca Susan WRISTON to George W. SMITH 20 Jun 1892
                                      Rebecca WRISTON to Jacob WRISTON  9 Oct 1865
                                      Shrilda (?) Frances WRISTON to Preston Moses STOVER  22
                                                Sept 1893
                                      Virginia WRISTON to David DAY 20 March 1888
                                       Andrew WRISTON to Althea WILLIAMS 19 Oct 1874
                                      George Lee WRISTON to Viola SCOTT 6 May 1896
                                      Henry WRISTON to Susan A. DUNBAR 6 Mar 1868
                                      James P. WRISTON to Nancy J. STOVER 11 July 1884
                                      John WRISTON to Louisa MASSEY 7 Oct 1871
                                      Lewis WRISTON to Araminta STOVER 8 Apr 1875
                                      Samuel Edward WRISTON to Susan E. PAINTER 11 May 
                                      Isaac WRISTON to Nancy E. WRISTON  2 Oct 1889


PLACE OR                                        

                                                      Louisa Alma RISTON to John SURING
                                                      Judia RISTON to Ada Virginia BAYLESS

                                                      A Benjamin Franklin RISTON married Violet Louise FOX
                                                         Benjamin was born 18 June 1892 and died 12 Nov 1952. Violet was
                                                         born on 8 Aug 1896 and died 3 Nov 1948.  

                                                      An Elizabeth RISTON married Nicolas CARPENTIER

                                                       A James RISTON b. 29 Oct 1803 in Wilkes Co., NC and died 11 Dec
                                                               1837 in Green Co., Illinois married Catherine P. SAGE.  He was 
                                                               father of Samuel E. RISTON .  

                                                       Samuel E. RISTON married Jennie V. FERGUSON.  A MRS. Samuel
                                                              RISTON married an Edward STEVENSON. She was born 6 Nov

                                                       John WRISTON to Lina (Sina?) EDWARDS 20 June 1848

                                                       Clyde Neal WRISTON  b. 1955 to Teresa Diane RICHIE

                                                       Catherine Bigelow WRISTON, daughter of Walter Bigelow
                                                               WRISTON and Barbara Catherine BRENGLE married Richard

                                                       Elisha WRISTON to Deborah Jane CAMPBELL b. 26 July 1830
died Mar 1901
                                                       Martha Melvina RISTON to George Washington COOK (He was
                                                            b. 30 Sept 1827 Linnon, NC  d. 28 Dec 1910.  He is buried in
                                                            Greenhill Cemetery, Annville, KY.  His parents were Mike
                                                            COOK and Mary RADAR)  






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