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Heinrich SIGRIST  b. 25 Feb 1810  a shoemaker who left Switzerland after 7 Mar 1867.  His father was Heinrich SIGRIST.  His mother was Anna PEYER from Flaach.  
  +  Elisabeth SCHMIDLI  b. 12 Jan 1817  Married 23 Mar 1840
             Her father was Konrad SCHMIDLI, a bricklayer (Mauer) and her mother was Katharina FEHR.
        Heinrich SIGRIST    b. 9 Jun 1843
           Johann SIGRIST      b. 22 July 1854

Johann SIGRIST  b. 26 Dec 1804, a shoemaker left for America in 1858 His father was Johann SIGRIST. His mother was Cleophea
BAUR.  His brother was Hans Ulrich SIGRIST b. 28 Jan 1821.
Another brother, Salomon, is listed below.
  +  Esther SIGRIST SCHWEIZER  b. 4 Jan 1795  d. 7 Jun 1849  They married on 8 July 1833.  Esther had been married on 16 Feb
 1818 to Jakob SCHWEIZER who was born 7 Jan 1789. Jakob
 was a saddler (Sattler).  She had a daughter Barbara
 SCHWEIZER  b. 16 Mar 1821. I do not know when Jakob's
 death or their divorce took place. Esther's parents were Jakob
  +  Katharina Luise SIGRIST STEINBRUCHEL SIGRIST  b. 26 Feb
            1812  d 19 Aug 1864 in America.  Married 23 Feb 1852 in
            Wulflingen. Her children with STEINBRUCHEL were:
                  Ludwig Emil STEINBRUCHEL  b. 2 Feb 1837
                  Gustav Theodor STEINBRUCHEL  b. 9 May 1839 
                  Margaret Albertina STEINBRUCHEL  b. 4 Feb 1841
            Her child with Johann was:
                  Richard SIGRIST  b. 22 Aug 1842

Salomon SIGRIST  b. 26 Feb 1845 His father was Konrad SIGRIST and his mother was Anna BAUR. He owned a Baker's Shop in
Switzerland but was a farmer (?) (Neubauren) in America. I do not know when they came to America.
    +  Verena BAUR  b. 21 Nov 1847 Her father was Johann BAUR and her mother was Esther GRAF.  They married 9 Nov 1868
Salomon SIGRIST  b. 19 Oct 1869  d. 3 Mar 1871
        Julius SIGRIST  b. 3 Apr 1871
        Wilhelmina SIGRIST  b. 10 Cot 1875

Jakob SIGRIST  b. 23 Dec 1826  His father was Jakob SIGRIST and his mother was Elisabeth BACHI. They traveled to American on 5 Mar 1857.
    +  Katharina BUCHER  b. 19 Apr 1836  in Kloten.  Her father was
            Konrad BUCHER and her mother was Elisabeth MATHYS.
            Jakob and Katharina married 9 Jun 1856.
            Katharina SIGRIST  b. 17 Sept 1856

Salomon SIGRIST  b. 22 July 1813  a shoemaker. His father was Johann SIGRIST  and his mother was Cleophea BAUR.  He left for
            America in 1852.
    +  Barbara SCHWEIZER  b. 5 July 1822 in Traubenwirts. Married 15
        Mar 1847.  Her parents were Johann SCHWEIZER and Barbara   
                 Heinrich SIGRIST  b. 2 Oct 1847
                 Juliana SIGRIST  b. 17 Feb 1849

Jakob SIGRIST  b. 15 May 1815  d. 16 Oct 1871 a shoemaker. His
        father was Johann SIGRIST and mother was Katharina BAUR.
    +  Barbara MEIER  b. 21 Apr 1820  in Huntwangen  d. 11 May 1873 Married 21 Jun 1841.  Her father was Ulrich MEIER, a shoemaker in Huntwangen. Her mother was Barbara NEUKOM of Wil.
        Elisabeth SIGRIST  b. 17 Sept 1841. She went to America on her own on 14 Feb 1864
        A. Barbara SIGRIST  b. 4 Dec 1843 Did NOT go to America
            +  (Unknown) GUJER in Uster Married )ct 1864
            +  Salomon SIGRIST  b. 29 Aug 1819 Married 16 Apr 1877
        Anna SIGRIST  b. 23 Feb 1846 Did NOT go to America
            +  Salomon BAGGENTOSS  Married 19 Apr 1875
        Judith SIGRIST  b. 30 Jun 1848 Went to America on her own. No
                date given. 
        Jakob SIGRIST  b. 9 May 1852
            +  Elisabeth GRAF


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