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                       SOME   MORE FACTS
 A few CALIFORNIA Births:
                Born to "RISTON":  Helen Erich 5 July 1909
                             Santa Clara Co.
                                                  Edward 12 June 1910
                             mother is STEINER, San Francisco
                WRISTON b. 11 Apr 1910 female to mother
                         ARBIOS Alameda Co.
                Lucille SANDERS 31 Jan 1907 in Alameda
                         Co., mother WRISTEN
                 Mildred L. WILLIAMS 27 Nov 1907 to
                          WRISTEN, San Francisco Co.
                  Charles AYNESWORTH 12 Sept 1908, to
                           WRISTEN, Fresno Co.
 Fayette County, West Virginia Births 1881-1887

     WRISTON, A.B.  21 Sept 1885  father Bert, mother
       Martha (pg. 311)
                  Charles  8 June 1885 father Henry,
                        mother not given (pg. 311)
                   George  6 April 1883 father Austin,
                 mother L.A. (pg. 259)
                 Hiram 6 July 1886 father Austin,
                    mother Lethia  (pg. 320)
                     J. M.  26 May 1885 father William,
                         mother not given  (pg. 312)
                 James  15 Oct 1881 father Reason,
                   mother Julia  (pg. 201)
                 James  14 Oct 1881 father Austin,
                      mother Letha  (pg.201)
                         John  6 Aug 1887 father Henry, mother
             Sarah  (pg. 364)
                 John  22 Aug 1881 father Henry, 
                        mother Susan (pg. 201)
                 Julia  28 March 1887 father Reason,
                     mother Julia  (pg. 364)
                   Lottie  3 April 1884 father W., mother
                         M.J.  (pg. 289)
                  M.E.  13 Dec 1882 father B.D., mother
                          Martha  (pg. 228)
                    Nannie  17 Sept 1886 father William,
                       mother Mary  (pg. 320)
                 No Name  2 Sept 1885 father Henry,
                      mother Lucy  (pg. 312)


WRISTON,  Alice 9 June 1872  father Henry, mother
             Susan  (pag. 230)
Alunira  4 March 1871  father James,
                         mother Rebecca  (pg. 209)
Caliss  2 March 1874 father James,
                         mother Susan  (pg. 264)
Charles  20 May 1866 father John,
                          mother Marinda  (pg. 124)
Floyd 30 Dec 1866 father James,
                          mother Rebecca  (pg. 124)
James  15 Sept 1860 father Floyd,
                          mother Catharine  (pg. 153)
James 28 Dec 1871 father James,
                          mother Lucinda  (pg. 209)
Linus  15 March 1874  father Andrew,
                         mother Rebecca  (pg. 263)
Mary  4 Jan 1855  father John Sr.,
                         mother Marinda  (pg. 34)
No Name  16 Jan 1871  father Henry,
                         mother Susan  (pg. 209)

In the BALTIMORE, MD. Directories of 1890

Benjamin F. RISTON,  machinist living at 624 S. Charles, Baltimore 1890

Jas P. RISTON, a clerk living at 900 Argyle Ave., 1890

Jos.B.T. RISTON, a painter at 220 N. Fremont Ave., 1890

Lawrence H.M. RISTON, a machinist at 323 N. Schroeder, 1890

Wm T. RISTON, a laborer at 1114 W. Saratoga, 1890
Thomas H. WRISTON, teamster 3244 Holmes


Thomas H. WRISTON, teamster at 3244 Holmes, Kansas City, MO. 1890

Herman RISTON  Rudolph and Sons, baker. Herman lived at 124 N. 4th In Camden, NJ.

C.M. RISTON lived in Sugar Grove, Tippecanoe, Co., IN. in 1891
James RISTON was "employed" by Russel and Erwin Mfg. Co., and lived at 188 High St. in New Britain, CT. 1889-1890.

Mrs. Fredericka RISTON was a tailoress who worked out of her home. The address was 144 Hudson, Rochester, NY. 1889-1890.

John S. RISTON worked for the Crystal Ice Co., at 206 W. 3rd in Spokane Falls, WA. in 1889.

Joshua RISTON was a "driver" and lived at 600 Mississippi in St. Paul, MN 1890-1891.

Charles T. RISTON, conductor, 428 6th NE., D.C. 1890. In 1891 he was a machinist at 422 6th NE.

George H. RISTON, laborer, 416 K. SW, D.C., 1890. In 1891, he moved to 476 K. SW

George RISTON in 1817 was at 145 Baltimore and in 1829 at 1 Sharp Street, Boston, Mass.    


Miss Bessie WriSTON, 409 E. Trade 1889-1890

Henry M. WRISTON, a clerk for Liddell Co., lived at 409 E. Trade 1889-1890

Mrs. L.M. WRISTON, 511 W. Trade 1889-1890
Lloyd R. WRISTON resided at Paw Creek and worked for W.H. Wearn and Co. 1890. He is then listed for the 1889-1890 directory as L.R. WRISTON in Paw Creek working for W.H. Wearn and Co.

Miss Lucy WRISTON, 409 E. Trade 1890, and 1889-1890

Miss Minnie WRISTON, 409 E. Trade 1890, 1889-1890, 1891-1892
In the 1891-1892 Directory, she is written as a "teacher".

Mrs. M. E. WRISTON, widow, 409 E. Trade  1890, 1889-1890, and 1891-1892

Mrs. Louisa WRISTON, a "widow", 517 W. Trade. 1889-1890 She moved to 511 W. Trade in 1891-1892

Jas RISTON, laborer, boards as 24 S. Vermillion, Danville, Il. 1889


In Biography Index, Vol. 6, Sept. 1961-1964, Ny. H. W. Wilson Co., 1965
National Cyclopedia of American Biography, Vol. 45, NY.  James T. White & Co., 1962. Reprinted in Vol. 1-50, Ann Arbor, MI. University Microfilms 1967-1971.

ROBERT WRISTON 1879-1961    
In Encyclopedia of American Biography. New Series, Vol. 32. NY & West Palm Brach, Florida. American History Society, 1965.

In 1855-56, RISTON, BASIL, owed a cigar store and lived at 73 Forest in Baltimore, MD. 

In 1856-57, Riston, Basil was a cigar maker and lived at 155 Dover in Baltimore, MD.

In 1858-1859 Riston, Basil was a cigar maker and lived at 155 Dover in Baltimore, MD.

In 1859-60 Under "Mercantile", Riston, Elizabeth is listed Tobacco and segars [sic] at 811 S. Eutaw in Baltimore, MD.

In the Tennessee Genealogical Records, Records of Early Settlers from State and County Archives:

                    Page 3, #314:  1200 acres of land on Field's Creek on the north side of Cumberland Mountain. Thomas Kind assigned the land by Jno. King.  Thomas assigned the land to Abraham RISTON on 9 May 1787.  ON 9 May 1787, RISTON assigned land to Jos. Dickson who assigned the land to Wm. MEREDITH on 11 March 1790.  Across the back is written, "invalid".

                    page 83, County Records:  Abraham RISTON of Davidson Co., in regard to collecting debts owed by Capt. James BOSLEY of Said county, 1788.

Excerpts from
"The Maryland Gazatte 1727-1761" complied by Karen Mauer Green in 1990.  Page 262 of the 26 March 1761 issue:
                "John RISTON, of the North Side of Severn, says his wife, Mary RISTON, left him and he will not pay her debts." 

OREGON DEATHS, 1903-1970

Bennie W. WRISTON  Coos Co., 8 Mar 1929
Benjamin F. WRISTON  Coos Co., 28 Aug 1967  Spouse Sarah
Edith Ire WRISTON  Marion Co.,  b. Jan 1908  d. 7 July 1976  Spouse Thomas
Charlotte Emm WRISTON  Marion Co., b. 8 Oct 1909  d. 15 May 1986  Spouse
Ilelythe Erma WRISTON  Josephine Co.,   b. 21 Aug 1908  d. 1 Nov 1989  Spouse
Thomas Jes(se?) WRISTON  Marion Co.,  b. 16 Feb 1900  D. 14 May 1987
                Spouse Charlotte
Minnie WRISTON  Coos Co., d. 8 Sept 1940  Spouse VIctor
Thomas Delbert WRISTON  Marion Co., b. 5 May 1928  d. 4 Apr 1993  Spouse
Bernice Delores WRISTON  Jackson Co., b. 24 Mar 1938  d. 17 Nov 1997
Sarah C. WRISTON  Coos Co., d 31 Aug 1960  Spouse Ben
Cecil A. WRISTEN  Harney Co., d 14 May 1922
Claud C. WRISTEN  Wasco Co.,  d. 17 June 1966  Spouse  Martha
Martha M. WRISTEN  Wasco Co.,  b. 24 June 19 ?   d. 14 Apr 1987  Spouse Claud
Robert Clarence WRISTEN   Wasco Co.,  b. 25 Apr 1923  d. 21 Sept 1997  Spouse
Violet Tracy WRISTEN  Wasco Co.,  b. 20 June 1919  d. 21 Sept  1997  Spouse


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