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There is a HENRY RISTON age 38 as a Choctow Freedmen in the DAWES FINAL ROLLS # 1  2691  140  131.

In the Mississippi Census of 1890, Civil War Vets or widows:
Ganderson, Vanderson or Granderson RISTON of Washington CO., Stoneville South Dakota ED. #134.

In the 1840 Morgan Co., IN. Census:  George M. RISTON

In the Cortland, NEB. Farmer's Directory of Gage Co., for the years 1890-1891  RISTON, F.

Hardin Co., KY 1830 Census, RISTON is on page 341.

John RISTON advertised a letter on 27 Nov 1890 in the Gozoles Inquirer Newspaper.

An obituary for Mrs. John Augusta (?) RISTON b. 16 Aug 1860 and d. 14 Nov 1943 in Iosco Co., MI newspaper. John died on 7 Oct 1933.  Her obit was in the 19 Nov 1943 paper.

In the Holland Sentinel, Ottawa Co., MI newspaper:  Obit for Melvin RISTON b. 8 June 1982.

Andrew J. RISON b. 15 Feb 1906 and d. 31 July 1964 and his wife Minnie Lee RISTON b. 25 May 1931 and d. 9 Jan 1955 are both buried in the Shady Grove Cemetery of Natchitoches Parish, LA. 

A Benjamin RISTON became a “guardian” of a John RISTON (age 14) b. abt 1764, when his father Thomas RISTON died.  16 Sept 1778.

In Mississippi: Ganderson (OR Granderson, OR Vanderson) WRISTON Washington Co., Stoneville

 In “Abstracts” at County Court House, Texas General Land Office in Austin:   Gottfried RISTON, G. RISTON 4, 428 acres (in Vol 221, abstract #636).  Also, Friedrich RISTON  #224, 637 and Michael RISTON, #225 638.

Morgan Jessie WRISTEN (Jess Morgan WRISTEN)  b. 2 Nov 1910 Monahanas, Ward Co., TX  d. 5 Apr 1979 Odessa, TX.  His father was Bert WRISTEN mother Edna Jessie ARMSTRONG.  Jess  married Frances DAY and had a son, Clay Morgan WRISTEN on 4 Nov 1944 in Ward Co., TX.

Patsy Ann WRISTEN  b. 19 Feb 1938  LaMesa,  Dawson Co. (?), TX  d. 15 Oct 1976 Houston, Harris Co., TX.  Her father was John Clay WRISTEN and mother Orveta SLATER of Dawson Co., TX.  She married R. L. LOFTIN. Brothers were John Clay WRISTEN, Jr b. 22 Feb 1946 in Dawson Co., TX., and Joe Bob WRISTEN b. 17 Sept 1947 in Dawson Co., TX.

 Joe Bob WRISTEN (son of John Clay WRISTEN and Orveta SLATER) married Grace Jessie Louise VOISIN.  His sons are Joe Bob (Joey) WRISTEN, Jr., and Slater Douglas WRISTEN.

An Ouida Dale WRISTEN married Allen Watson HARVELL.

Ronal Leroy WRISTEN married Valarie Rae BAUM and had Kathleen Lyn WRISTEN who died on 17 Sept 1953. She was married to Richard Lee HOKAMP. Her sister is Jennifer WRISTEN.

Kenneth Clay WRISTEN married June Ellen COOPER. (unknown dates) Their children are:  Anita June WRISTEN who married James Lynn DAVIS (unknown dates), Bert Cooper WRISTEN b. 17 Dec 1884 in Montague, TX and died 1 Jan 1953 in La Mesa, Dawson Co., TX. Bert married Edna Jessie ARMSTRONG. Another child to Kenneth Clay and June Ellen was Hadley Clay WRISTEN (unknown dates).

Bill WRISTEN married Nita Carol WESSON (unknown dates) and had Jarah Ann WRISTEN. (unknown dates)

Elizabeth Jane WRISTON b. 24 Oct 1920 in Kingston, Fayette Co., WVA married Donald Raymond BUTTERFIELD on 26 Dec 1941 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH.  Their children are Elizabeth Betty Jan (Jane) BUTTERFIELD and Donald Raymond BUTTERFIELD II.  Elizabeth and Donald, Sr. have divorced.

  CA DEATHS:  RISTON spelling

  RISTON, Aldo  b. 28 Feb 1879 MO   d. 11 Jan 1954  Sacramento Co.,
                CA (mother: Charles, father RISTON)   

                  Clare b. 13 Aug 1892  PA   d. 26 Dec 1990 San Bernardino
                Co., CA  (mother: Murray, father:  BRYAN) 

                 Floto Alberta  b.  18 Aug 1908  CA   d. 10 Mar 1997  San
                 Bernardino Co., CA  (mother See, father Collins) 

                  Jennie B. b. 15 Oct 1881 OK   d. 13 Jan 1965  LA Co., CA
(mother Cove)  

                Littia  b. 9 Apr 1880  LA   d. 14 Apr 1968  LA Co., CA  (no
                    mother listed) 

                  Lula   b. 27 Apr 1909  LA   d. 11 Aug 1990 Alameda Co.,
                    CA  (mother Parket, father Rixner) 

                  Michael  b.  3 Oct 1922    d. 8 May 1968 LA Co., CA
(mother Kannafay)  

                  Walter Raymond  b. 29 Apr 1910  MD  d. 22 Feb 1993
Ventura Co., CA  (mother:  Gosman) 


    WRISTON, Charles R. b. 3 Oct 1874  d. 21 Dec 1965 San Joaquin
                          Co.,  mother: FERGUSON 

                        Eva   b. 6 May 1913  in China   d. 27 Jan 1979  San

                       Lyman Sherman b. 23 Nov 1907 MO  d. 23 Nov 1983
                            Ventura Co., CA mother:  LYMAN 

                        Nathan A.   b. 8 Aug 1975  CA  d. 9 Aug 1975 San
                            Mateo Co., CA mother: ANDREWS 

                      Robert Scott  b. 28 Mar 1937 OK  d. 29 Oct 1983
                            Orange Co., CA mother:  WILKOWSKE 

                        Theresa  b. 27 Sept 1913 IL  d. 10 Oct 1957 San
                            Francisco Co., CA
mother:  MISCHULPIET, father:

                      Theresa G.   b. 27 Sept 1873 CA  d. 26 Sept 1950 San
                            Joaquin Co., CA
father::  ARBIOS 

                      Victor Ray b. 4 Mar 1912  WVA  d. 20 Apr 1984 San
                            Francisco Co., CA mother:  HONAKER 


WRISTEN,    Adee V.  b.  3 Mar 1899 OK d. 5 July 1966  Orange Co.,
                                mother BEDFORD (Adee is a male) 

                      Albert C. b. 21 June 894 CA d. 13 Jan 1969 Shasta Co.
                                mother GLASS 

                     Albert Cleo   b. 7 Aug 1916 CA  d. 18 Feb 1970 Fresno
                                Co. mother CORNS  

                     Albert V.   b. 20 June 1872 AK  d. 28 Aug 1943
                                Sacramento Co., mother SKIDMORE father

                    Angelina A.   b. 5 Dec 1896 LA  d. 23 June 1976 San
                                Diego Co. (no mother listed) 

                    Annie Lydia   b. 23 Sept 1902  CA  d. 31 Dec 1990
                                Sacramento Co., mother ROWE father MAY 

                    Arthur Edgar    b. 2 Dec 1890 CA  d. 13 July 1978
                                Sonoma Co. (no mother listed)   

                    Carl T.      b. 25 Apr 1896 (unknown place) d. 9 June
                                1967 LA Co., mother KNIGHT  

                    Charles M.   b. 12 July 1883 Texas  d. 26 June
                                1962 San Bernardino Co., mother MOORE 

                   Claude A.   b. 11 June 1892 CA  d. 23 June 1971 Contra
                                Costa Co., (no mother listed)        

                    Clyde C.   b. 8 May 1895 WA  d. 17 Jan 1973 Contra
                                Costa Co.,  (“)  

                   Daisy Belle   b. 6 Apr 1898 CA  d. 7 Feb 1981 Orange Co.,
                                mother MCCOY, father SPRAGUE 

                    Donald V.   b. 22 July 1887 CA  d. 6 Apr 1966
                                Sacramento Co., mother HARRIS  

                   Eddie Reuben   b. 17 Aug 1901  OK  d. 8 Aug 1983 (no
                                county listed) mother BEDFORD 

                   Edith M.  b. 10 Oct 1914 CA  d. 13 May 1965 San
                                Francisco Co., mother KNUTS(S)ON 

                   Edna   b. 4 June 1895 CA  d. 23 Jan 1992 Contra Costa
                                Co., mother CUNNINGHAM father SANDERS   

                   Elsie Etna  b. 14 Dec 1899 Mexico   d. 8 July 1995
                                Sacramento Co., mother SNIDER father

                   Emmett M.   b. 13 July 1870  IL  d. 3 June 1961 Contra
                                Co., mother HARRIS  

                   Eva F.  b. 25 Jan 1880 AL  d. 12 Nov 1963 Modera Co.,
                            mother HALL 

                  Freddie David   b. 17 Aug 1901 OK  d. 14 Feb 1956
                            Sacramento Co., mother BEDFORD  father

                  Genevive  b. 9 July 1890  IN  d. 4 Sept 1963 Fresno Co.,
                             mother SANGER 

                  Gladiolu U.   b. 4 Mar 1906  OR  d. 29 Apr 1985 Alameda
                              Co., mother MILLER    father CRAIG 

                   Glenna M.   b. 5 Apr 1892 WA  d. 25 May 1970 Contra
                                Costa Co., (no mother listed) 

                  Harold Edgar   b. 8 July 1909 IA  d. 18 Oct 1986 San
                                Diego Co., mother BEDFORD  

                 Harry Thomas   b. 18 Jan 1931  TX  d. 19 Dec 1949 Kern
                                Co., mother DICKENSON (might be DICKERSON)
                                father WRISTEN  

                 Henriett K.   b. 6 Mar 1892  CA  d. 6 Dec 1967 San Luis
                                Obispo Co., mother LAMP 

                Jack L.   b. 22 Mar 1929 TX.   d. 17 Nov 1962  San
                                Bernardino Co., mother DICKERSON  

                Lawrence L.   b. 5 Sept 1897 CA  d. 15 Jan 1944 San 
                            Joaquin Co., mother GLASS

                Lora May  b. 28 July 1903  TX  d. 24 Nov 1990 Marced Co.,
                            mother LUCE   father DICKERSON 

                Nellie A.  b. 23 May 1906  CA  d. 9 June 1971 San
                            Francisco Co., (no mother listed) 

                Oliver Lloyd   b. 22 Aug 1898  CA   d. 11 June 1954 San
                             Francisco Co., (only father WRISTEN listed) 

                Orville C.   b. 9 Dec 1887 CA  d. 28 July 1963  Contra
                            Costa Co., mother WALTON 

                Orville Washington   b. 6 June 1918  CA  d. 21 July 1993
Contra Costa Co., mother SANDERS  

               Richard Allen   b. 27 Nov 1957  CA  d. 1 July 1992 Contra
                            Costa Co., mother HILL

               Robert D.    b. 7 Jan 1950  NY  d. 30 May 1993 San Diego
                            Co., (no mother listed) 

               Sam D.   b. 21 Aug 1911 TX  d. 28 July 1990 Santa
                            Barbara Co., mother LEITH 

                Sam Daniel   b. 24 Oct 1879  TX  d. 24 June 1951 Fresno
                            Co., mother MOORE   
father WRISTEN 

                Sarah Norah  b. 3 Jan 1921  WI  d. 33 Mar 1994
                            Sacramento Co., mother SUGAR father DOMINICK 

                 Steven M.  d. 22 Sept 1951 WA  d.  7 Sept 1965 San
                            Diego Co., mother ADAMS 

                Vernon Clyde   b. 9 May 1928  CA  d. 7 May 1983  Contra
                            Costa Co., mother SANDERS 

                Willa M.   b. 26 Sept 1915 LA  d. 13 June 1971 Santa
                            Cruz Co. (?) , (no mother listed) 


  RISTON,  Andrew James  31 July 1964 Harris Co.

                   Lee Percy (Sr. ?)  29 Dec 1997 Jefferson Co.

TEXAS DEATHS: WRISTEN spelling. This will have a “marriage status” at the end of each person

  WRISTEN,  Annie Ruth d. 20 July 1981 Burleson Co., widowed

                     Avis Mae WALLS d. 30 Dec 1985 Dawson Co.,

                     Clarence Leroy d. 3 June 1966 Upton Co., widowed

                     Dan Franklin, Sr.  d. 31 Jan 1967 Coleman Co.,

                     Daniel F.  d. 13 Feb 1969 Coleman Co., single

                     Daniel W.D. 1 Mar 1977 Taylor Co., widowed

           Donald Wesley d. 23 Mar 1987 Bexar Co., unknown

                    Edna  d. 1 July 1968 Dawson Co., widowed 

                   Edward Lee d. 9 Oct 1964 Tarrant Co., widowed

                    Emma d. 21 Dec 1967 Callahan Co., widowed

                     Francis D.  d. 1 Apr 1984 Ector Co., unknown

                    Francis Kathryn d. 26 Oct 1965 Midland Co., single

                     Fred L.   d. 17 Oct 1976 Callahan Co., widowed

                    Harold Correll d. 6 Oct 1980 Callahan Co., widowed

                    Hugh Raybert  d. 9 Feb 1987 Gaines Co., unknown

                      Jerry O’brien   d. 1 Oct 1981 Taylor Co., widowed

                     Jess Morgan  d. 5 Apr 1979 Ector Co., widowed

                    Jimmie L.  d. 13 July 1973 Bell Co., single

                    Lancelot Dackery  d. 7 Nov 1989 Smith Co., unknown

                    Louemma  d. 1 July 1966 Lubbock Co., widowed

                    Mamie Bradshaw  d. 18 June 1965 Coleman Co.,

                     Max G.  d. 20 Jan 1974 Callahan Co., single

                     Molly (WRISTEN) McCurdy  d. 28 Oct 1985 Tarrant
                        Co., unknown 

                    Ollie Lee  d. 27 Nov 1994 Coleman Co., unknown

                     Orveta F.  d. 5 July 1974 Lubbock Co., widowed

                     Raymond  d. 10 Dec 1985 Bell Co., unknown

                    Robert Carlton   d. 6 Jan 1993 Taylor Co., unknown

                    Shirley Joan  d. 14 Feb 1968 Mills Co., single

                     Thomas Joseph, Jr.  d. 13 Jan 1997 Brown Co.,

                    William Wayne   d. 23 Sept 1995 Brazos Co.,

Michigan Deaths: RISTON, Melvin W. b. 4 Oct 18 ??  d. 7 July

Ohio Deaths: RISTON, Norma  d. 21 Nov 1965 Zanesville,
                                        Muskinglin (?) Co. 

                            RISTON, Louise  d. 21 Aug 1965 Cincinnati,
                                        Hamilton Co. 

Kentucky Deaths:  RISTON, Gladys D.  d. 12 Jan 1990 Adair
                                          Co., age 75 

                                          RISTON, William M.  d. 10 Nov 1986 Adair
                                         Co., age 33

VIRGINIA BIRTHS: 1853 - 1859
    Alexandria CO. 
James RISTON 23 Oct 1857 (father
                                                James / mother Mary)
                                            Winifred RISTON July 1854 (father
                                                J.H. / mother Rachel)                            

Andrew J. RISTON b. 15 Feb. 1906 d. 31 July 1964 and wife Minnie Lee RISTON (unknown maiden name)  b. 25 May 1931  d. 9 Jan 1955. Both are buried in Shady Grove Cemetery at Natchitoches Parish, LA.

Maud K. RISTON b. 1879 Indiana Co., PA
+ Harry W. TRUITT b. 23 Jan 1878 Indiana Co., PA  Married 4 Oct 1890. He is the son of Alcinus G. TRUITT and Eliza Jane CORBETT. (I have more on this family.)
            1. Harry W. TRUITT b. 1901
2.  Julie Marie TRUITT b. 1903
3.  Dorothy Jane  b. 1905
4.  Donald A.  b. Sept 1907

Elijah RISTON was listed in the 1870 Scott Co., ARKANSAS heads of households.

McCollister EDWARDS was murdered in Carmi, Illinois.

Shirley Jean WRISTON b. 6 Feb 1936 Raleigh  d. 8 Apr 1978.  Her mother was Nonia Fay WRISTON who was born 22 Nov 1916  and died 23 Apr 1991.  Other names associated are Austin, Letha, and Vernie Ethel SETTLE.

Joseph Noah STOVER, Jr  b. 13 May 1930 in Kingston  d. 18 July 1999 in Beckley.  His father was Joseph STOVER, Sr. and mother Dottie WRISTON.  He was a coal miner and is buried in the High Lawn Memorial Park Mausoleum.

Rev. Elsie W. SCHOTT age 84  b. 12 Apr 1915  d. 24 Aug 1999 in Fayetteville.  Her father was K.T. O’NEAL and mother Elizabeth WRISTON.  Her brothers are Wheeler O’NEAL, Rufus O’NEAL, and Chic O’NEAL. Sisters are Clara O’NEAL  STAFFORD, Alma O’NEAL and Lena O’NEAL CARTER.

Cuba L. STOVER  b. 25 Jan 1929 Burrsville  d. 24 Aug 1999 Oak Hill.  Father was Nevlin STOVER and mother was Mary WRISTON.  He is buried in the Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens.  Her husband was Henry Lee STOVER. She has brothers Harrison STOVER of Pax, Ordie of Warren, MI and a sister Easter STOVER FERGUSON of Dunfries, VA.  Her husband died as well as sons Paul Anthony, and Mitchell Dean. 2 other names associated with her are Sandra KESSLER and Robert HAYDEN. They had both died also and I am guessing they are “in-laws”.  

Blanche “Jo” WILLIAMS age 71 of Beckley b. 7 July 1928 in Clear Creek  d. 12 Sept 1999.  Her father was Wayman WRIStON and mother Belle STOVER WRISTON.  She married Clarence WILLIAMS.  She has a brother Tracey WRISTON and nephews:  Hurl WRISTON of Hot Springs, VA., Ronald WRISTON of Hugheston, Arnold WRISTON of Lackin, and Kelley WRISTON of Clear Creek. She is buried in the Stover Cemetery at Burrell’s Ranch.

Barney WRISTON  b. 15 Mar 1937  Clear Creek  d. 12 Sept 1999.  Father was Lundy WRISTON  and mother was Gladys Evelyn WILLIAMS.  He has a sister Reda  WRISTON and brother Alton WRISTON in NC.  His wife is Miriam Eileen SIMCOX of Lockhaven, PA.  He is buried in the Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens.

Henry J. WRISTON d. 16 May 2000 age 83 (Baltimore Sun Newspaper)

Larrie WRISTON  d. 28 June 1999 age 69 (Houston Chronicle)

Mary E. WRISTON  d. 13 Jan 1996  age 100  (Washington Post)

Virginia L. WRISTEN LEE  age 64  Odessa TX (San Angelo 28 Jan 2000

Grace Emma WRISTEN LYELL age 82 Hamilton, ON.

Mary Ushley STOVER WRISTON b. 24 Oct 1908 Mossey  d. 18 Mar 1999 age 90 in Beckley Hospital.  Her father was Clark STOVER and mother Letha F. BURNSIDE.  He married Clarence Edward WRISTON and was a member of the Kilsyth Free Baptist Church.  They obit said she had 17 grandchildren, 26 great grandchildren, and 5 great great grandchildren. She is buried in Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens in Beckley. Her children are:
Conard Raymond WRISTON  of Mossey
Douglas E. WRISTON  of Chillicothe, OH
                3.  Mary Lorere WRISTON SHUEMAKE of Beards
4.   Della Irene WRISTON COLEMAN of Kilsythe
    5.  Rosemary Madeline WRISTON WARD of Scarbro
    6.  Margaret Loretta WRISTON JOHNSON of
                    Romeoville, Illinois    

Reda Faye WRISTON STOVER  age 68  b. 8 Nov 1930  d. 18 Mar 1999 in Beckley.  Her husband is/was Carlos Elbert STOVER.  Her father was Lundy WRISTON and mother Gladys WILLIAMS.  Her sons are Larry C. STOVER (wife Donna) in Sprague, Mitchell L. STOVER in Mullen; daughters are Sherry STOVER BALL (husband Bobby), and Connie G. STOVER BURGESS (husband Jerry).  Reda’s brothers are Barney B. WRISTON (wife Miriam) of Workman’s Creek and Alton L. WRISTON (wife Vicki) of Harrisbury, NC. Her nephew is L.A. WRISTON. She is buried in Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens Mausoleum.

Hazel Margaret WRISTON BELL  d. 24 May 1914  Long Branch  d. 20 June 1999 Oak Hill Care Center. She was 85 years old.  Her father was James A. WRISTON and mother Madonna ARMSTRONG. Her brother is Odice WRISTON and sisters Alma WRISTON HITCHCOCK, Goldie WRISTON MARTIN, and Gladys WRISTON DUNNING.  She is buried in Huse Memorial Park.

Death of Wynnell F. WRISTEN wife of James Clifton  b. 17 Dec 1928.  James’ father was George Alvin HIPP and mother was Bessie Omelia WRISTON. This was in TX.

Blair Co., PA Obits:  J. Ruth Nisewonger  b. 20 Sept 1920  in Robeson Co., NC d. 4 Oct 1998.  Her daughter is/was Marsha WRISTEN.  He father was Alexander ROWLAND and mother Pearl ROWLAND.  She had married Walter Nisewonger.  He died in 1981.

In Ralls Cemetery, Crosby Co., TX:  Betty Darden LOCKWOOD  b. 31 Dec 1942  d. 28 Feb 1965.  Her grandmother was Louemma WRISTEN.

In Liberty Cemetery,  Galt Co. (?) San Joaquin, CA: 

                    Dillard WRISTEN  d. 10 Dec 1882

                George W. WRISTEN  d. 9 Dec 1882

                William B. WRISTEN  d. 7 Sept 1856

                Carrie F. WRISTON  d. 24 Dec 1880

                Samuel C. WRISTON  d. 17 Feb 1878

  In Lorezo Cemetery, Crosy Co., TX:

                H.C. WRISTEN  b. 29 Apr 1880  d. 12 Apr 1938

             L. H. WRISTEN  b. 22 Aug 1852  d. 26 Nov 1933

              Louemma WRISTEN  b. 26 Oct 1886  d. 1 July

In the Crystal Valley Cemetery, Manitou Springs, El Paso Co., (TX.?)  are buried Halton WRISTEN, Lillian WRISTEN, and Blanche P. WRISTEN. Blanche died 24 Feb 1967. The plots are block 52, lot 021, plot “D”.

Ward Co., TX births: Will WRISTEN b. 12 July 1879

In the Chamberlain, South Dakota phone book of 1932  D.B. WRISTEN  farm #253

1948 Cub Yearbook, Chamberlain SD High School:  a freshman WRISTEN on page 11

In Senterfill Cemetery, Lampasas Co., TX

                Dan WRISTEN  b. 12 Apr 1882  d. 5 Oct 1956

             Maggie M. WRISTEN  b. 20 Oct 1882  d. 16 Mar

In SD State College of 1929 a freshman is listed in the yearbook:  Willard WRISTEN from Chamberlain, SD. He was a “commerce” major.

A WRISTEN (forename) Montfort COOK was born on 2 Dec 1885 in CA. and d. 2 Oct 1955 in San Mateo, CA. His father was COOK and his mother was a WRISTEN.

In Raleigh Co., 1880-1881

                An unnamed STOVER b. 23 Dec in Boone Co.  Died at 1 month and 22 days. Father was John STOVER, Jr.  and mother Sarah STOVER but they were not married. He had no occupation.  His father was John STOVER, Sr.

                John WRISTEN b. 16 Feb in Raleigh Co., of consumption died at 60 years, 11 months and 16 days.  Father was Reason WRISTEN and Rhoda WRISTEN.  John was born in Fayette Co., VA. He was unmarried without an occupation.  Louisa WRISTEN is listed also for some reason.

To Vivian Virginia WRISTEN and Raymond Martell EUBANK in Coleman Co., TX, James Robert EUBANK b. 16 Feb 1943.

Robert WRISTON, a doctor from Raleigh  b. 23 Aug 1879  in Kincaid, NC.  His father was I.G. WRISTON, mother Alice STANELY lived in Nesco where I.G. was a Justice of the Peace and a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Robert’s grandfather was Caleb WRISTON (a Confederate soldier in the Civil War).  His mother’s father died in the Civil War.  Robert organized the Beckely Hospital in 1913 and he owned ½ interest in it.  In 1910, her married Minnie DAVIS the daughter of John P. DAVIS and Mary McGINNIS.  Robert and Minnie’s children were Mary Alice WRISTON, June WRISTON, Majorie WRISTON, and MATTIE WRISTON. He “attended” a murder victim, James N. CLAY in H.J. Lilly’s grocery store on 14 Dec 1913.  

Margaret Elizabeth WRISTON/WRISTEN d. 5 Nov 1826 in Charlotte at 1 year 6 months old. She was the daughter of William H. WRISTON/WRISTEN and Elizabeth.

A T. J. WRISTON, in Ledford, IL. was a juror 14 Dec 1907 on the death of a Noah YARBER. A “slate” at the O’Gara mine #14 fell on him.

Martha Melvina RISTON married a George Washington Cook.  He was b. 30 Sept 1827 in Linnon, NC and d. 28 Dec 1910. He is buried in Greenhill Cemetery, Annville, KY.  His parents were Michael COOK and Mary RADAR.

Margaret J. RISTON married Marcellus McBride CRIBBS.  He was b. 24 Aug 1866 in Oil City, Venango Co., PA and d. 13 Apr 1918.  His parents were Peter Irvin CRIBBS and Adaline McBRIDE.  One of Margaret and Marcellus’ sons was Alexander RISTON CRIBBS b. 1897 in Oil City, Venango Co., PA. A daughter was Adaline P. CRIBBS  b. 1897 in Oil City, Venango Co., PA. She married Joseph LONGWELL.

Maude RISTON married Thomas William EASTHOPE.  He was b. 27 Dec 1882 in Bountiful, Davis Co., UT and d. 1938.  His parents were John EASTHOPE and Sarah Ann NAYLOR. They had married on 9 Apr 1903. Divorced.

Emilie Sophie Maria RISTON married William HASSELBRING.  He was b. 10 Aug 1885 in Alexandria, Thayer Co., NE and d. Oct 1967.  He was the son of Henry Dietrich HASSELBRING and Lousie LUIBBART.

Isaac RISTON married Elizabeth LINK in Monroe Co., VA.  He was b. 11 Aug 1841 in Raleigh Co., VA and d. 17 Sept 1866 in Boone Col, WVA.  He is the son of Isaac RISTON and Elizabeth SCARBROUGH.
His grandfather was Reason RISTON and Rachel SCARBROUGH. 

Elizabeth RISTON married James ALDERSON on 15 Feb 1808 in Alderson, Monroe Co., WVA. He was b. 1788 in Alderson, Monroe Co., WVA  and d. 1870.  His father was Thomas ALDERSON and mother was Sarah SMITHSON. Elizabeth and James’ children were:

                2.  Franklin ALDERSON  b. 1810 Greenbrier Co., WVA (He is also listed as Franklin B. ALDERSON b. in 1811 in Alderson, Monroe Co., WVA and married Susan 2 June 1845.

                     +  Susan ROOKSTOOL (unknown dates)  Married 2 Jan 1845 Greenbrier Co., WVA.

                2.   Margaret ALDERSON  b. 1823 Lick Creek, Summers Co., WVA

                2.  Sarah ALDERSON  b. 1821 Clayton, Summers Co. WVA.  Married to Unknown on  8 May 1847 most likely in Greenbrier Co., WVA.

A Silvania (?) WRISTEN married a Robert Webb SCARBROUGH.  He was b. in 1859 in Jackson Co., VA and they married on 2 Dec 1896 in Fayette Co., WVA.  His father was Robert Webb SCARBROUGH and his mother was Mary Ann SCARBROUGH.  Silvania’s children were

                2.  George F. SCARBROUGH  b. 1890 Fayette Co., WVA

                2.  Hester F. SCARBROUGH  b. 1893          

                2.  Ira SCARBROUGH  b. 1895                      

Marie WRISTON married Charles Homer CREIGHTON.  He was b. 26 Jan 1888 in Waco, Mclennan Co., TX and d. 21 Nov 1941 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA.  They married in 1931.  His parents were Charles CREIGHTON and Florria Ellen McCRAVEY. 

Obituary for GOLDIE M. WRISTON

Mossy, WVA:  Goldie M. WRISTON b. 3 Nov 1921 at Mossy, died 5 Feb 1998 age 76 at Plateau Med Center in Mossy following an apparent heart attack.  She was a member of the Advent Christian Church of Mossy.  She was the daughter of the late Charlie L. WRISTON and Velva Mae KINCAID BLAKE.  Her son Allen C. WRISTON and a daughter, Ada M. WRISTON died before her. Her husband is Enoch C. WRISTON.  She also has daughters Wanda (MILLER) of Colombus, OH., Dorothy (ROBERTSON) of Oak Hill, Tara (HUGES) of Mossy and two sons Randy WRISTON of Oak Hill, and Charlie WRISTON of Mossy.  She has 3 sisters Dimple Fay Blake (HOLLEY) of Richmond, VA., Daisy L. Blake (McSWEENEY) of Fla., and Anne Lee Blake (COMPTON) of Mossy.  Her brother is William B. BLACK of Mossy. She is buried at High Lawn Memorial Park in Oak Hill.

MADISON CO., ILLINOIS PROBATE CASE FILES INDEX (1813) All spelled as in records.

        WRISTON, Elisha  box #8  tray #023
                          Loyd K.   #13 / #040
                          Nancy     #26 / #082
                          Sinai       #44 / #134
                          Tilman    #20 / #062





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