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                My family is buried in almost every state 
                 of the union and in various countries of
                 the world. On these pages, you will find
                 pictures of some grave markers ~ some of
                 which are over a century old.











                        Peter Lynch and family monument



            The Peter Lynch Cemetery Platt
                          My father
                         Grandpa and Grandma Lillig
                   My Uncle George
                       Great Uncle Harry and Great Aunt Hattie
                      Cwmgelli Cemetery, near Swansea, Wales

                            On the above marker it reads:

                Er cof annwyl am
                       merch Isaac ac Hannah Matthews
                       Mysydd Rd, Glandwr
                       yr hon a fu farw
                       Rhagfyr 7fed 1896
                       yn 21 mlwydd oed
                       Hefyd yr uchod Isaac Matthews
                       yr hwn a fu farw Medi 12fed 1898
                       yn 53 mlwydd oed
                        Hefyd am eu mab David Isaac
                        a fu farw Hydref 26ain 1922
                        yn Shanghai China, yn 41 mlwydd oed
                        Gosodwyd yma ludw'r corff
                        Ionawr 6fed 1923
                        Ac am Hannah Matthews
                        bu farw Chwefror 16eg 1924
                        yn 78 mlwydd oed
                        Ac yn Gowerton Rhagfyr 21 1945
                        hunodd eu merch Alice maud
                        Fore'r Nadolig gwasgarwyd ei llwch yng
                        Ngardd coffa Glyntaf
                        Bu farw eu mab Evan Matthews
                        ar y 23.7.1948 yn 75 oed
                        Gwasgarwyd ei lwch yng ngardd goffa Glyntaf

My thanks to David W. in Wales for
                    taking the pictures of my relatives
                    markers and for taking the time to
                    write both the Welsh words and the
                    translation that follows:

                    To the dear memory of Margaret
                       daughter of Isaac and Hannah Matthews
                        Mysydd Rd., Landore, who died December 7,
                        1896 aged 21 years.  {Verse)
                        Also the above Isaac Matthews who died
                        September 12, 1898 aged 53 years. [verse]
                        Also to their son David Isaac who died October
                        26th, 1922 in Shanghai China, aged 41 years
                        The ashes of his body were placed here January
                        6th 1923. [verse]
                        And of Hannah Matthews who died February
                        6th 1924 aged 78 years. [verse]
                        And in Gowerton December 21, 1945 their
                        daughter Alice Maud died. On Christmas
                        morning, her dust was scattered in The Garden
                        of Remembrance, Glyntaff. [verse]
                        Their son Evan Matthews died on 23.7.1948
                        aged 75.  His dust scattered in the Garden of
                        Remembrance, Glyntaff.


                                 This is the marker of a brother to my
           grandfather.  He was John Matthews
           and the marker reads as follows:

In loving memory of Trevor John Isaac
                            infant son of John and Cassie Matthews,
                            Station Inn, Landore, who died February
                            18th 1898 aged 11 months. [verse]
                            Also above named Cassie Matthews who died
                            November 6th 1925 aged 54 years. [verse]
                            Also the above named John Matthews wh0
                            died April 19th 1934 aged 66 years. [verse]

                      Cwmgelli Cemetery, Swansea, Wales
                      Peter Lynch's grandson Everett and family.

                      RHOMBERGS in Iowa. My great Aunt
               was a Rhomberg. Her mother's marker is
                the small one in front of the tall

           The RISTON Family Plot

                    "This is a small graveyard - 3 stones on our
                        farm in the 7th election district, on White Hall
                        Road, east of Vernon Rd., west of the county
                        line, on the south side of the road.  The stones
                        are Indiana limestone and once had foot-
                        stones which were so badly broken that we had
                        to bury them:"  (in a letter from Mrs. W. H.
                        Wilmer, Little Oxmead, White Hall P.O., MD.

                        In memory of Jesse RISTON of the City of
                        Baltimore who departed this life on the 8th of
                        March, 1818 in the 20th year of his age.

                        In memory of John RISTON who departed this
                        life on the 27th of February 1818, in the 27th
                        year of his age. (Mrs. Wilmer writes that John
                        Riston married Elizabeth PARRISH, daughter
                        of Edward Parrish of Parrish Range.)

                        In memory of Abraham RISTON who departed
                        this life on the 6th of March 1818 in the 54th
                        year of his age




                      Susan J. Brien, Ed.D.

                        The information on this web page is NOT to be copied
                              by genealogy companies  or persons for sale. It is FREE,
                            however, for personal use, especially for my family. 


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